ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Former Maryland Public Service Commissioner Susanne Brogan is now deputy treasurer of public policy in Treasurer Nancy Kopp’s office, creating two vacancies on the five-member PSC.

Kopp introduced Brogan during a meeting of the state’s Capital Debt Affordability Committee on Friday. Brogan started working in the treasurer’s office this week.

Gov. Martin O’Malley tapped Therese Goldsmith, another former PSC commissioner, to be the state’s insurance commissioner in May.

The PSC regulates gas, electric, telephone, water and sewage disposal companies.

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  1. Steven Cville says:

    O’Malley paying back his friends from the PSC some who were responsible for the BGE increases that we had years ago that were put into place under Glendenning and took effect while Ehrlich was in office. Ehrlich got the blame and O’Malley was going to fix it which he did nothing! Well he did replace some PSC people by putting the Glendenning PSC back in there. 27 States never deregulated Electricity, 7 other states that did have canceled Deregulation after realizing it don’t work, California being one of them. Thats 34 State that still regulate Electricity cost by there Public Service Commissions. All deregulated States are from Maryland to Maine and and around the great lakes, plus one western state (Texas) and one west coast state (Oregon). Deregulation in Maryland was a scam, the power houses that Marylanders paid to build where given free to Constellation energy which in turn sold many of them.
    Now they say you can shop the energy which really there are little choices and BGE now makes its money in the distribution charge which is the only thing the PSC controls . They have allowed numerous increases there to keep BGE profitable because they no longer have any power plants to profit.

    Well anyway O’Malley’s buds are about to let Constellation to be sold to Exelon for almost 8 billion dollars which is amazing when all of Constellations assets were given to it free when taken from BGE by splitting it in two. And we the people of Maryland paid BGE to build all those assets and the PSC regulated what BGE was allowed to charge us for energy.

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