BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Chances are, a lot of you are winding down your holiday weekend and getting ready for a road trip back home.

Adam May reports AAA says that drive might be quicker than last year but it will cost you more money.

Labor Day weekend is one of the busiest travel times of the year and 600,000 Marylanders were projected to take a road trip for the holiday.

“We recommend drivers build in enough time to get to their destinations. The roads will be congested,” said Christine Delise, AAA.

But not as bad as last year. Travel is expected to be down more than two and a half percent, due in part to high gas prices. It’s a dollar more a gallon compared to Labor Day 2010.

“Either the gas stations or gas companies are ripping us off because we know we have to have it,” said one driver.

History says relief should be slight.

“Typically after Labor Day, gas prices start to decline due to a lack of demand and also refinery switch to less expensive winter fuel brands,” Delise said.

But AAA says this year could be different. Tropical Storm Lee in the Gulf of Mexico prompted the evacuation of oil platforms, temporarily reducing production by 60 percent.

“Any disruption in oil production could allow for a spike in gas prices at the pump,” Delise said.

And this hurricane season—predicted to be active—isn’t over until Nov. 30.

A few hours ago, inspections began on some oil platforms in the Gulf. So far, there have been no reports of damage.

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  1. Early Ardmore says:

    “The last official act of any government is to loot the treasury.” ~ George Washington —

    1. tea is stronger says:


      Make Obama and the Democrats pay for their Sins against America this November. Bring tea bags to the voting booths this year. Let the boiling of tea begin.

      My boiling TEA runith over…

      1. YES WE CON! YES WE CON! says:

  2. WokNoo says:

    No surprise there, and some foreign sheik is a billion dollars richer.

    1. tea is stronger says:

      At every TEA rally, provide a large boiling pot of water where people can throw in their tea bags. Let the TEA boil again…

      Going where the hot TEA takes us.

  3. D.B says:

    OK, All together now, “Its Bush’s fault!

  4. Spanky says:

    “Democrats have a commonsense plan to help bring down skyrocketing gas prices…”

    — Nancy Pelosi, August 24, 2006.

    Yet another LIE! Democrat politicians have no real plans to accomplish anything positive, but they have plenty of campaign slogans and empty promises.

    1. JustAGuy says:

      Campaign slogans are easy for college students to memorize and regurgitate.

      Hope and Change
      No Blood for Oil
      Anyone But Bush
      Change We Can Believe In
      We are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For…….ok that never made any sense, but you get the picture

    2. Tom says:

      Demonrats and common sense… funny. Demonrats have no common sense. Peloski is a lying Marxist.

  5. SJJ says:

    Wow, Where’s the outrage, Where’s the media posting unbelievable oil company profits, where are the Bush and Cheney bashers who should now be Obama and goofball’s bashers. Can you say HYPOCRITE.. Nothing but HYPOCRITES

  6. Gilbert from Arizona says:

    We don’t have hope, but we certainly have change.

  7. Barry says:

    Barry Oblamo is still blocking drilling in numerous locations, still blocking any attempt to build more refineries. Barry Oblamo is to blame. No finger pointing, no blaming others, the buck stopes HERE Obama!

  8. LS says:

    Hopey / Changey Let’s see which one is this? Both?

  9. Bob from New Mexico says:

    We can hope for chump change. This country needs to stop electing clowns. Al Franken, for God’s sake. Barney Frank. Weiner. Reid. Pelosi. Waters. And up next, Carrot Top! We need to wake up and smell the coffee. At least for us, there is some hope. WE ARE AMERICANS! Never give up, you guys!

  10. John says:

    Why is Obama making gas so expensive?

    1. John Sheridan says:

      That was one of his campaign promises he is keeping.

    2. Alfred Hussein Neuamn says:

      Obama campaigned on raising bass prices. He said $5 /gallon was “about right”. Why os anyone surprised that gas prices have almost doubled since he became president? And the MSM is silent, because they want $5 gas too.

  11. I’ve found hang gliding an environmentally friendly means of transportation. Tough getting uphill……

  12. Kellie Gartner Mackie says:

    the world bankers are the ones not allowing us to use our oil in Alaska not our government. Do some research and you will see the truth

    1. H L Leonard says:

      Please support your comments with the facts. Not something you have read somewhere.
      We wouldn’t want to blame the wrong people for the stupidity of our elected official(s).

  13. Charlie Peters says:

    Audit the fed, support HR 459 Paul

  14. Charlie Peters says:

    Stop using GM corn fuel ethanol welfare for Big oil refiners and Government motors, will it affect the beef?

  15. Taxed out! says:

    If you made all the Democrats and Obama walk to work or ride a horse maybe they will lower the gas tax……Fat CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Taxed out! says:

    Wake up folk’s in Maryland, O” malley said there is a cash surplus in Maryland. Do you think he will use it to lower gas prices here. NOT!!!!!!!!!! Why does he say we still need new taxes here in the TAXED STATE OF MARYLAND .? Makes you think…Don’t let he get away with this!!!!!!! VOTE! He knows how to use words to twist are minds!!!!!! Remember that.

  17. Matthew Weaver says:

    Thank Obama for higher gas prices.

  18. Taxed out! says:

    Will a Flux capacitor help lower the gas prices?

  19. Robert Holiday says:

    Another ODUMMER success!!!!!!!!!!! We needs sum o dem LIBYAN REBELS over here!!!!!!

  20. jdb says:

    When President George W. Bush left office in January 2009, the national average cost for a gallon of gas was $1.81.

    Obama certainly has changed the price of gasoline.

  21. jeff b says:

    Thnaks Barry! I just love paying more for gas. It has made the cost of about everything go up!

  22. kimdi01 says:

    Thank you President O’Dumbo. Your energy policy is working. Wasn’t it you that said once your energy policies were in place that prices would rise astronomiclly? We all want to thank you. Too bad it’s not 2012 yet so I could thank you with my vote…. for the other person, whomever it might be.

  23. Peter Courtenay Stephens says:

    So What. Gas prices are lower today than they were in the mid fifties. .20 for a gallon then now only about .15. You just have to use the same silver dimes. This shows you what Socialism and worthless paper currency does to all.
    Return to the Gold Standard and strip the Elite Ruling Criminal Class of their hammer on all savers, workers and business builders.
    Shut down the Federal Reserve and arrest all who are connected to it.

    Stop accepting your enslavement.

    Sic Semper Tyrannis !

  24. Hank Warren says:

    Obama’s energy policies, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  25. rawheadrex says:

    Every time I give the attendant a fifty to fill my tank, I hope I’ll get some change.

  26. Jim Horak says:

    Articles about gas price projections are great but doing something to help the consumer save a buck is a whole other story. Who the hell knows what gas prices will be the next time we go to the pump. All I know is that I am tired of paying huge gas prices. Here is a tip about a new type of Auto Club. I use their membership gas card by sticking it into gas pump and it gives me 10% right back to my account for the gas purchase and I guess some other benefits too. It is easy, no hassle. With money we save, we enjoy more trips, movies and family fun stuff. See for yourself like I did. , the more people that are using this, the more they can discount – it’s kinda like Cosco or Sam’s Club in that way. Learn more – save more; feel free to ask.

  27. Guccicahise says:

    It is improbable.

  28. Guest2 says:

    It takes weeks and months to get the price of gas down, but let a puff of wind or some news in some remote part of the world and they jack the price up again! By shutting down the production in the Gulf of Mexico and giving all the help to Brazil, the President has also contributed to this problem.

  29. dave says:

    Wait a minute. Before Bush took office, Gas was barely $1.60.
    By the end of George Bush’s office, Gas Skyrocketed to over $4.00 at times.
    During Obama’s administration, gas has held steady to the amount it settled at when Bush left office. Gone up a little, and come back down. The price increase was not even a smidgen in comparison to Bush’s price increase. I can’t believe the chosen ignorance, here. You could easily get timed footage of gas prices to see what happened and when it happened.