As promised Wide Receiver and Tight Ends. Here are my top Fantasy picks.
Wide Receivers
  1. Andre Johnson HOU (The best of the best)
  2. Roddy White ATL (Julio Jones will help)
  3. Calvin Johnson DET (Will QB stay healthy?)
  4. Greg Jennings GB (And he’s not a Diva!)
  5. Larry Fitzgerald AZ (Will Kolb move him to the top of this list)
  6. Mike Wallace PIT (Might be the games best HR hitter)
  7. Hakeem Nicks NYG (Eli’s favorite)
  8. Vincent Jackson SD (No drama this year)
  9. Dwayne Bowe KC (Touchdown, Kansas City !)
  10. DeShawn Jackson PHI (Clicks with Vick)
  11. Miles Austin DAL (Dez Bryant takes pressure off)
  12. Mike Williams TB (Freeman and Williams grow together)
Best of the rest….
Reggie Wayne IND (Hurry back Peyton)
Marques Colston NO (Best WR on pass happy team)
Dez Bryant DAL (Loaded w/talent, breakout?)
Brandon Marshall MIA (QB issue and low avg per catch)
Jeremy Maclin PHI (If healthy a solid pick)
Also Steve Johnson BUF, Santonio Holmes JETS and Anquon Boldin BAL.
Tight Ends
  1. Jason Witten DAL (W/O Romo still 90+ catches for 1,000 yards)
  2. Antonio Gates SD (#1 if not for injury concerns)
  3. Vernon Davis SF (Former Terp is a game changer)
  4. Jermichael Finley GB (Freaky talent, needs to play all 16)
  5. Dallas Clark IND (Great with Peyton, good w/o)
  6. Jimmy Graham NO (Movin’ on up!)
  7. Brandon Pettigrew DET (Higher here than most lists)
  8. Tony Gonzales ATL (35/15 but still making plays)
  9. Gregg Olsen CAR (Throw him the ball Cam!)
  10. Rob Gronkowski NE (2 Header in NE, but TD man)
Next Best……
Zach Miller SEA (New team, still productive)
Aaron Hernandez NE (Pats other half, big play skills)
Marcedes Lewis JAC (Coming off nice year, but QB a mess)
Kellen Winslow TB (6 surgeries, maybe last round or 2)

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