BALTIMORE (WJZ)– On Sunday, the Pittsburgh Steelers come to M&T Bank Stadium for the first Ravens game of the NFL season.

Jessica Kartalija talked to some fans about the old rivalry.

A not-so-friendly rivalry between Charm City and the Steel City. Fans and players on both sides genuinely dislike each other.

In Pittsburgh…

“I hate them! They’re the Steelers top rival, but more importantly, they have some really arrogant individuals on that team. Like Ray Lewis who comes and does his dance before the game. I think that’s really arrogant.”

“I hate them, but I don’t hate them that much because the Steelers always beat them.”

“Mainly because of Ray Lewis.”

“The way he acts when he comes onto the field. I just don’t appreciate his whole mannerisms.”

Some say this competitive, bone-crunching rivalry comes from the similarities between the two cities, and the fact that they’re just 200 miles apart.

In Baltimore…

“They don’t belong here. Not at all. Stay up in Pittsburgh.”

Looney’s in Canton is a game day hotspot.

“Very crowded, lot of energy, a lot of yelling. It should be fun,” said Lisa Booth of Looney’s.

“I’ll be at Looney’s watching the game and I’m hoping the Ravens kick some butt. Score? 24 to 10,” said another person.

The Steelers ruined the Ravens’ hope of going to the Super Bowl two of the last three seasons.

“I don’t think it’s going to happen this season. I think we are going to squash their hopes. We’re going to the Super Bowl this year,” said a Ravens fan.

The Ravens have not lost an opening week since 2002.


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