BALTIMORE (WJZ)— Going to the game or not, Ravens fans are pumped up this Purple Friday night.

Weijia Jiang has the excitement around Baltimore for the Ravens-Steelers matchup.

One thing’s clear.

“Football is here, the lockout is over, we’re ready to play,” said one excited fan.

It’s the first Purple Friday of the season. From morning to night, it’s Ravens cheerleaders and Poe-led pep rallies.

“Absolutely best time of year! Feels like fall, it’s September, it’s football!”

“At work, we had banners, balloons. Everyone’s wearing their purple jerseys.”

Of course, it’s not just Purple Friday we’re excited about. Everyone here can’t wait until Sunday.

Just about 250 miles away in Pittsburgh, Baltimore’s arch rivals are trash-talking, too.

“I hate them! They’re the Steelers top rival. More importantly, they got some really arrogant individuals on that team like Ray Lewis.”

With every insult, a comeback.

“That earthquake the other week, at first I thought it was Ray Lewis knocking down Big Ben,” said one Ravens fan.

And sometimes, purple fever even overpowers family bonds. One woman is taking on her brother who’s a die-hard Steelers fan,

Reporter: “How has this affected your sibling relationship?”
Ravens Fan: “It’s not a good thing, for the whole family.”

At least they can all agree on this much… The time to fight is here.

You can see the Ravens take on the Steelers Sunday at 1 p.m. on WJZ-TV.


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