BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Her husband’s death pushed Tami Bensky to fight for the cycling community.

This weekend you can help her cause by being a part of Larry’s Ride and Run.

Monique Griego has more.

On his bike is where you would usually find Larry Bensky.

“He loved it. When he was on the bike, he’d have a big smile on his face,” said Tami Bensky.

But it was a passion Tami Bensky’s husband and father of her two little girls died pursuing.  In April 2010, he was hit by a car on Butler Road in Baltimore County.

“Unimaginable and, at times, unthinkable,” said Tami Bensky.

But she channeled that pain into something positive by creating Larry’s Ride and Run. A clothing line and special logo are part of the bicycle safety awareness event which will be held for the second time this weekend.

“For me, Larry has to live on and that’s the way that we can make that happen and, at the same time, bring some change to the bicycling community,” said Tami Bensky.

Besides Larry’s Ride and Run, Bensky has helped passed several important pieces of legislation to keep cyclists safe and increase penalties for drivers who break the law.

“I really do believe Larry’s collision was the impetus to make these things happen,” she said.

According to Bike Maryland, the number of commuter bicyclists jumped 35 percent between 2009 and 2010.  More bikes on the road most likely mean more accidents. Already this year, several cyclists have been killed.

“There’s much work that needs to be done,” said Carol Silldorff, Bike Maryland.

Silldorff says keeping cyclists safe is all about creating awareness.  For Tami Bensky, Larry’s event is one way to help keep other families from suffering the same loss.

“Nothing is going to bring Larry back or make my life easier on a day-to-day basis, but for the cyclists out on the road, it’s a good thing,” said Bensky.

The event has three different rides for cyclists and a run. It will be held this weekend.

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  1. Mi Letz says:

    Thank YOu for reporting on this/ as a regular bicycle commuter I can attest to the “interesting scenerios” that develop as I ride to and from work. I have suffered a broken arm due to being run off the road by a car coming to close. I chose the guard rail over the cars front hood that day. God Bless you Tami, and Thank You fgor all your hard work.

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    Terrific blog post.

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