The very slow-moving upper-level low pressure system that has been spinning its wheels over the mid-Atlantic states for the past three days is finally beginning to show us signs that it is about to “move on” early this morning. The regional radar mosaic indicates that the bulk of the rain associated with it is now occurring in northeastern Pennsylvania, northwestern New Jersey and across portions of central and southern New England.

Assuming that there’ll be “no new rain” popping up in areas that are WEST of the center of circulation this morning (that area would include Greater Baltimore), we should actually have a dry day today from start to finish. And, with the sun coming out for a few hours, it will also become milder this afternoon… Most temperatures should reach the mid and upper-60s, which is a far cry better than what we’ve been dealing with over the past few days!!!

Although there may be some fog patches late tonight and early tomorrow morning, because the winds are expected to be fairly light, a high pressure system tomorrow will promote lots of sunshine and an even warmer afternoon.

 The pattern should STAY NICE Thursday and Friday, and weekend temperatures will be mostly in the 70s to around 80… Yes, that’s not a typo —> “80”

 Have a good day !!!