BALTIMORE (WJZ)— More police impersonators invade a home in Baltimore. This time they hit Greektown, and the real police call the string of crimes egregious.

Adam May has reaction from scared residents.

Luckily no one was hurt Monday night. Police say the criminals are bold and they appear to be targeting Hispanics.

It started with a knock on the door.

“They identify themselves as police officers,” said Anthony Guglielmi, Baltimore City Police spokesman.

So the resident on Lehigh Street let them in.

“They proceed to put the individual up against the wall and do a pat down,” Guglielmi said.

Turns out the three officers were fake, and they stole $1,800 cash.

“I’m scared,” said John Jaremczuk. “I would never think something like that would happen around here.”

Residents in this Greektown neighborhood are stunned.

“It used to be a really nice neighborhood,” said Tina Escalante. “It’s a shame.”

This crime is similar to a series of incidents over the last couple months. Police say there’s no solid connection to the other cases reported in Federal Hill, Park Heights and Northwest Baltimore since July.

“These look like multiple copycat incidents,” Guglielmi said. “I think people find this is an effective way to [gain] people’s trust and using them to rob.”

Police are concerned the criminal technique will fracture trust with the public.

“I wouldn’t open the door,” Jaremczuk said. “Not unless they had badges hanging around their neck and all that stuff.”

Police say if someone knocks on your door claiming to be police, and you have questions, you can call 911 for confirmation.

Police say they are increasing patrols in the impacted areas.

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  1. TheRiley says:

    I’m sure sheriff or williejoe was a part of this

    1. sheriff says:

      The Riley, ….SMD.

  2. Mike says:

    I say answer your door with a gun, pat them down, confirm their identity and if they aren’t cops…..shoot them and put them back out on the curb to be collected on trash pick-up day!!!

    1. george says:

      hopefully you are joking or you will be the one on the curb. answer the door with a gun when they are real cops and see how long it takes to be gunned down by our shoot em up cops.

  3. sheriff says:

    These people were targeted & knew of the $$$.

  4. Hot Diggity says:

    With the amount of cash on the vicitms, Sherriff is probably right- targeted robbery.
    But rule of thumb- don’t open door unless police produce a warrant, and/or you call 911 to confirm they really are cops!

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