WASHINGTON (AP) — Environmental projects across the Chesapeake Bay watershed will receive $10.9 million in grants.

The Chesapeake Bay Program says grants announced Wednesday will support 55 projects to reduce nitrogen, phosphorus and sediment runoff. Matching funds to be provided by grant recipients mean a total of $27 million will be going toward the projects.

Nitrogen and phosphorus are nutrients that spur algae blooms, which cloud water and lower oxygen levels. Sediment clouds water and can bury grass beds and oyster reefs.

The grants include $400,000 to the University of Maryland to reduce fertilizer runoff from lawns and improve soil conditions. A $600,000 grant to Water Stewardship Inc. will be used to reduce nutrient pollution on Virginia farms.

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  1. sheriff says:

    10.9 mil wouldn’t clean the size of a swimming pool in the Bay. By the time the administrators hit the Office Depot for supplies, spend a few thousand for lunch at meetings only to have more meetings & temp hires of minorities who can’t read or write, Do I hear:W

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