BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Three people are stabbed in Mt. Vernon inside a popular nightclub.

Jessica Kartalija has details on the fight.

Police are still searching for a suspect.

A video posted on Gutter Magazine’s website shows the scene outside a popular Mt. Vernon nightclub early Sunday morning.

A police report obtained by WJZ says officers were called to Eden’s Lounge on West Eager Street for routine crowd control.  When a man stumbled out of the club, his back was covered in blood. Officers say the victim looked confused and highly intoxicated.  When the victim removed his shirt, he had five stab wounds to his upper back.

Two other men also ran out of the club, covered in blood. Both had stab wounds to their back and neck.

Eden’s Lounge tells WJZ: “We really don’t know what happened. We deeply regret that it occurred, and we regret that people were injured. This certainly doesn’t reflect Eden’s Lounge. It’s not typical of anything that goes on here.”

The nightclub is known to have a strong police presence, following the murder of Marine Tyrone Brown in June 2010. 

Brown was leaving Eden’s Lounge when he was shot several times by Officer Gahiji Tshamba, who was sentenced in August to seven years for manslaughter and 10 years for a handgun violation.

All three victims tell police they didn’t see the person who stabbed them and don’t know what sparked the violence.

Police aren’t commenting on this case and have not reported any arrests or suspect description.

Eden’s Lounge is located in the heart of Mt. Vernon.

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  1. fast eddie says:

    where was o’mally at the time

  2. Stopped going says:

    Yeah, Kernan. I agree with you. I used to go to this club about four years ag until 92Q radio station did a show from the club. Then, all of the low life innercity underclass AA’s found out about it and brought their senseless violence in. I just can no longer party with AA’s because of the incessant jungle like savagery that is indemic in their culture. I just go where the Anglo’s go. Much safer that way. Quieter too!!!

    1. Good says:

      @Stopped going…Its a good thing you stopped going because that establishment doesnt need the likes of you in it.You should try putting the joint down and open you dilated eyes so you can realize that color doesn’t make a person violent,but ignorance and a lack of morals does.You are stuck on being an uneducated fool.

      1. willy joe says:

        Good, For what?….Nothing. Now SMD.

  3. dlee says:

    So automatically the above comments blame African Americans. You do know that more than just African Americans frequent Eden’s, African Americans are not the only perpetrators of violent crimes, etc. Wait… why am I even taking the time to respond to ignorance? I forgot that logic can’t win with people who are so hate filled that their brain cells are struggling for air.

    I have been to Eden’s plenty of times and I have never had an issue. I hope they figure out who did this.

  4. Kisha says:

    While agree many african american (since you all son’t want to spell it out) young men and women are many times the instigators of violence, to say all african americans are from jungles or don’t want to have a good time peacefully is ignorant! ignorant ppl whether white or african american is intolerable!

  5. Wish you knew says:

    Stop with the racial comments ! im white and tell you drunk white people are just as bad just the news dont report it! you clearly is uneducated !

  6. Paul Eric Kilmon says:

    Close Eden’s Lounge! Problem solved.

  7. Trina says:

    Eden’s Lounge is a nice spot, good atmosphere, good food, nice vibe. I hope they found out who did it, and are able to keep the club open. It really does confuse me on how something like this could happen, because the last time I was there (less than a month ago) the police presence was VERY heavy. Security inside, Baltimore cops outside (a lot of them) yet 3 people managed to get stabbed. Something isn’t adding up.

  8. Tim says:

    What you keep lableing racist comment is still an expression of freedom of speech.

    Just because you don’t like to hear it, doesn’t mean the writer does not have the right to say it.

    If the Constitution is written to allow everyone in the country the freedom of expression and speech, than we have to live by that whether you like what others have to say or not. If you are offended by the comments posted by the people who visit this site, read your news somewhere else!!

    1. racist speech coddler says:

      Freedom of speech is not without consequences. For example, you can always go to Eden’s lounge, grab a mic, and express those racist views in front of its patrons and see what the offline real world consequences would be. Its highly doubtful the racist spouting cowards here would dare do that offline to express their “freedom of speech”. So stop trying to validate ignorance.

      1. the truth says:

        Speech Coddler, Listen idiot, there is a difference between freedom of speech & delivering it in a hostile enviornment. Sure you would be hammered by the Black savages in Eden’s lounge for those remarks just as surely they would in an all white venue & then again maybe not because Whites are lambs. The government allows freedom of speech to news media, papers, & public forums under the 1st amendment a-hole.


    I’ve been to Edens once and actually enjoyed myself! Every where you go there can potentially be violence whether it’s “white clubs” or “black clubs”. The racist comments above is a perfect example of ignorance! To say that this type of violence only happens with “African Americans” is like me saying only white kids shoot up schools and/or their parents (which is true) because of the lack of respect they were brought up with. Moral of the story is violence happens anywhere doesn’t matter how many “blacks” are there or not so smh at the ignorance-you all need to grow up and stop using RACE as an excuse!!

    1. Nichole Blue says:

      Well said. I actually live in the Mount Vernon area and no I do not frequent that club as much, but for you to single out african americans like that is uncalled for. Violence happens anywhere you go, whether iit is in a niteclub, or on a crowded metro train, and it has nothing to do with race. No on eis twisting your arm to patrion Eden’s Lounge. With or without you the owners will still make money

      1. willy joe says:

        Yeah sure, better get your lamps (eyes) checked skippy. Only Whites commit crime in Baltimore. If that were so, there wouldn’t be any need for a police force , prison, judges & lawyers. Take a stroll in a court sometime or prison, it’s blacker than a well diggers tookas during an eclipse of the sun at the bottom of a mine shaft.

  10. HAND OUTS says:

    its the white mans fault! but all we did was buy you from your own kind i think you have it better here than in your MOTHERLAND

  11. Hand out always... says:

    its the white mans fault! blacks use whites as scapegoatS we taught yall how to do everythnig you think if we gave you a city to build it up from nothing you could probably not couldnt punch way out of wet paper bag with scissors in your hand!

  12. stationnorth says:

    Ghetto is ghetto. Be it Red Rope bar or Eden’s Lounge. Shut them both down.

  13. carcetti says:

    what’s a well digger doing in a mine shaft? …seems llike a miner’s place to be.
    …so ignant!

  14. sheriff says:

    Carcetti, He was digging a tunnel to your Momma’s place for some Brown eye.

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