BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — A woman accused of throwing bleach on her former boyfriend’s fiancee appeared in court Tuesday. It happened inside a Wal-Mart in Baltimore County.

Jessica Kartalija has details on the hearing.

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The bizarre love triangle turned dangerous for one woman and a host of other shoppers caught in the crossfire. The defendant in this case is still behind bars.

Theresa Jefferson, 33, is accused of throwing bleach and Pine Sol on her ex-boyfriend Calvin Parnell’s fiancee in a Baltimore County Wal-Mart Saturday. She and 18 other shoppers were taken to area hospitals for treatment. Now a judge has ordered her bail will stand at $350,000.

“Basically we were asking for a bail that would assure the safety of our victims. I think $350,000 will do that,” said John Cox, prosecuting attorney.

Charging documents say the victim, Ebony Odoms, and Parnell had filed a restraining order against Jefferson, saying she had threatened Odoms. The weekend incident at Wal-Mart happened before that restraining order could be served.

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The boyfriend at the center of this bizarre love triangle appeared in court for the bail hearing, as did his father—in support of the defendant, not his son.

“I’m not going to defend my son when he’s wrong. He’s wrong,” said Fred Culp. “He was messing with that girl a long time ago. What am I going to defend him for if he’s wrong?”

“It really is the tail wagging the dog here when you consider the family of the alleged victim, Mr. Parnell, was here to indicate that their son and the other alleged victim had engaged in a pattern of harassment of Miss Jefferson,” said defense attorney Warren Brown.

Parnell, who has a 6-year-old son with Jefferson, is on probation for assaulting her two months ago.

“Theresa is a real nice girl. Theresa didn’t take two charges for that boy,” Culp said.

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Jefferson is charged with assault, destruction of property and harassment.