LINTHICUM, Md. (AP) — Northrop Grumman Corp. plans to eliminate 800 jobs from its Linthicum-based Electronics Systems sector.

The company announced Thursday that the majority of the job losses would occur in Maryland through buyouts and layoffs. It’s the second round of cuts this year for the division with 17,000 employees nationwide. Of those, 7,625 are at facilities at Linthicum, Sykesville, Elkridge and Annapolis.

The division produces airborne radar, sensors for jet fighters, missile defense systems and automated postal sorting equipment. The company says the cuts reflect the economic outlook for the division, including anticipated defense spending cuts.

Northrop plans to offer voluntary buyouts in the next few days. The number of employees who accept buyouts will determine how many will face layoffs by the end of January.

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  1. PO PO PO says:

    Not to worry omalley just got back from india looking to bring high paying jobs here. How’s that going farret face?

  2. carol says:

    O’Malley was just on Fox News this morning bragging about the Presidents jobs bill. Of Course he blamed all the problems on Republicans.

  3. PAUL E. MICELLI says:

    Vote all democrats out of office in 2012 elections!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jeff says:

    Are you kidding me people. Way to side step the issue here. Instead of blaming others, maybe we should be pointing the finger at Northrop Grumman. They only rank 61st in the Fortune 500. They only had 1.686 Billion dollars profit in 2010. Were talking about profit and that’s money leftover after everything has been paid. They made tons of money off the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, now they want to lay off hard working Americans so they can ensure that their profits stay high. Give me a break. This is what’s wrong with our country. No one wants to blame the actual corporations raking in billions in profit while laying off jobs. The companies are the ones with the power to fix our unemployment and they refuse too. And why should they. They are making serious profit with the stretched thin employees they have doing the jobs now, not to mention the millions of jobs shipped out of the country for cheap labor. This is why I refuse to support either political side. Each points the finger at the other while the real crooks, companies, raise prices on everything, don’t raise pay, layoff workers, while making record profits.

    1. Ben says:

      Jeff, you make some valid points. What everyone must also realize is that NG is one of many government contracting companies. Having said that when the government doesn’t renew contracts people are let go. I believe the blame goes all the way around on this matter.

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