BALTIMORE (WJZ)–It’s a wish come true for one teen fighting cancer at Johns Hopkins Hospital. A chance to meet one of her favorite singers turns into a surprise serenade with a song written just for her.

Gigi Barnett has the story.

For months, 14- year-old cancer patient Brooke Shockley waited for the chance to meet singer, actor and “High School Musical” star Drew Seeley. But this special meeting is just the beginning.

Seeley serenaded Shockley and other cancer patients at Johns Hopkins Hospital. It’s all through a foundation called Music is Medicine, a Baltimore-based group that asks artists to write songs for patients.

“I get autograph requests all the time, but I don’t get requests to meet a really special person and write a song for them,” Seeley said.

The name of Shockley’s song is “Fly” because bone cancer has stripped her ability to walk. The song may be released soon to help other children with cancer as well.

“In the song, talking about how I will walk and everything, it just makes me want to work harder,” Shockley said.

Leora Friedman founded Music is Medicine three years ago. It was the 19-year-old college student who asked him to write the song. Seeley is the first big star to sign on with her foundation.

“Music is so powerful. I think it’s like the voice of our generation. Who doesn’t love music? And because of that, it’s such a powerful tool,” Friedman said.

The foundation says the next step now is to think big and invite other artists to join in the jam session. On the list: Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber.

Seeley says he wrote the song “Fly” within a matter of minutes after talking with Shockley over Skype.


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