BALTIMORE (WJZ)—The controversial and popular alcoholic drink Four Loko is once again being targeted by state leaders. 

Monique Griego has more on what the attorney general of Maryland wants removed from the drink.

It’s been called a binge in a can and liquid cocaine. But family and friends of Courtney Spurry called it a killer after the 21-year-old drank Four Loko and crashed her truck into a telephone poll.

“She blacked out within 30 minutes of drinking the alcoholic beverage,” said Abby Sherwood,  Spurry’s friend.

One can of Four Loko contains five servings of alcohol or around four beers, and it used to come with a caffeine kick.

“You would drink one or two cans of Four Loko and you wouldn’t feel it because the energy drink kept you awake,” said Mike Gimbel, a drug and alcohol expert.

Gimbel supported an effort that led to the removal of caffeine from the can because of what was happening. 

“Enormous amounts of alcohol poisonings, increased car crashes,” he said.

Despite the backlash against Four Loko, Gimbel says it’s as popular as ever and other companies are even coming out with their own versions.

“They’re all flavored, same amount of alcohol,” Gimbel said.

That 12 percent alcohol content is now what Maryland’s attorney general wants regulated.

“We want to change it from having five drinks in a can to having two drinks in a can,” said Maryland Attorney General Douglas Gansler.

Drinking one can of any of these drinks Gimbel says would put a 180 pound man over the legal limit of .08.

“When teenagers drink they’ll use a beer bong, a drinking game,” he said. “They could take two or three of these drinks in minutes.”

That’s why he believes, changing Four Loko to “Two Loko” could save lives.

The attorney general is also pushing for the drinks to display the number of alcohol servings on the can, and he wants those cans to be resealable so people don’t have to drink them in one sitting.

Maryland’s attorney general is one of 34 nationwide that support lowering the alcohol content of Four Loko.

Comments (8)
  1. CoreF says:

    Oh wise and mighty government, please free me from thought and choice! You know what is best for me!

    1. J says:

      Yeah, when it comes to stupid people not being responsible and endangering others, then yes they do know what is best.

      1. slimins says:

        Yup totally correct, let’s let government control us all as we’re all a risk to each other. /s

        Things happen, things will always happen, attempting to control everything and stop everyone from hurting anyone is a pipe dream. Forget about it or go live in prison as it seems that’s what you’re craving.

      2. CSenseLost says:

        And to be a little more specific, basically the way I read J’s comment is that we should make all cars go a max of 20 miles per hour. Since that’s how we would have to control people from driving really fast a crash their car into someone.

  2. pb says:

    i wonder if they will try and decrease the amount of alcohol in the microbrews that can be five times stronger or more next, if they mangae to make a law to lower the alcohol content in four loko

  3. Babette Mansel says:

    Hey dude! I completely agree with your opinion.

  4. Charlene Maurer says:

    They should not lower the amount of alchol in four loko.. it’s bad enough they took out the caffeine…. If kids are endangering themselves it is because they are not being responsible.. read the label.. If they aren’t 21 then they shouldn’t be drinking anyway.

    Do you take the alchol out of wine coolers or beer.. No.

    Stop trying to regulate everything.

  5. eddiefast says:

    Niggas drink this urine.