HANOVER, Md. (WJZ) — A double murder outside a popular Maryland mall has sparked concern throughout the community.

Weijia Jiang has more.

A brazen double homicide outside Arundel Mills Mall last weekend continues to shake shoppers who live and work nearby.

“It’s like combat living, if you will. You have to be careful about going anywhere outside your home,” said shopper Trina Robinson.

Police say James Coleman, 22, shot and killed two people outside the Dave & Buster’s Restaurant, which was packed at the time.

“It’s not enough police or security to go around. They keep circling but anything can happen when they’re not looking,” said Kara Robinson.

Despite concerns, police insist the crime rate at the mall is going down. So far this year, three robberies have been reported, compared to 22 in 2009. But the violence comes as concerns are mounting over safety, with a new casino set to open in a few months.

In light of the murders, Anne Arundel County Police are working with mall security to add even more manpower.

“We challenge anyone to go to Arundel Mills at any given time and they’ll see a police presence there inside the mall, police cruisers outside the mall and it’s certainly going to be ratcheted up as the holiday season approaches,” said Justin Mulcahey, Anne Arundel County Police.

Some shoppers also find comfort in knowing the attack was not random. Police believe Coleman knew his victims. Still, others worry there could be a repeat.

“I’m worried a lot going, walking to the parking lot by myself or with my friends because anything could happen,” Kara Robinson said.

Coleman was killed during a shootout with police when they tried to approach him about the double murder.

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  1. Think about it says:

    As long as the state of Maryland has a certain ethnic group who glamorize violent thug lifestyles, anti-intellectualism, pro-illegitamate births, and anti-employment–you’re going to kepp have ing this kind of vilence at our shopping centers. Also, as long as you provide housing vouchers to people who come form the types neighborhoods that enegage in the above, you’re going to kepp having tehse kinds of violent episodes at our nice shopping centers. No person who fits the above description can afford to live near Tyson’s Corner shopping center; therefore, you don’t have this kind of crime there. Think about it.

    1. Kurt says:

      As a white male, I will be the first to come forward and say that the above comment is unfair. You cannot paint an entire group of people by observing the actions of a few. People with housing vouchers are not all bad people. Trouble has been brewing in this area for some time now. As the population grows the amount of trouble will also grow. Once the casinos are built you can count on more trouble as well. With the upcoming shopping season, the number of violent episodes will increase.

      It’s due to bad people not to people of any particular race or ethinicity. We are a nation made up of many different people. Never call out a single people for the actions of one. That is wrong.

      1. robertryan says:

        Kurt, Obviously you are a liberal & naive person who is young & not very worldly. Let’s see how tolerant you are when one rapes your wife, G/F mother or beats them half to death for a few dollars & they get PBJ only to do it again.

    2. J.DUVALL says:

      very true,pepole that have records should not be in the housing voucher program…..

      1. T says:

        HA! Good one, sandman. Love it.

  2. Kurt says:

    On a totally related note as she reported on the story, Weijia is absolutely incredibly and undeniably beautiful!

  3. moleman says:

    I wonder how many of you hard working taxpayers are aware that there could & most likely is a group home or homes in a neighborhood where you live. These homes house convicted felons, sex perverts & mostly addictions people with a criminal history. As a result you will eventually witness crime. Most of these perps are black & I;m not saying all the black race is bad but let’s face it, the greater preponderance of criminal behavior is done by thug urban low life blacks. THINK ABOUT IT Above comment is true to the mark so stop the denial black people & get on board to cleaning up your race & motivate these young men & women wuith education & not the empty promises of a Lil Wayne or Jay-Z.

    1. sandman says:

      the hell does hip-hop have to do with this ????

      1. the truth says:

        Sandman, You sleeping or what?? The Niggas only idolize hip hop & slime from the streets They’re antillectual.

    2. Just is says:

      So are you saying that there are no hardworking black taxpayers? It’s only logical you would agree with Think About It since you suffer from the same ignorance. Please stop trying to start a racist forum. I doubt that’s what this website is about.

      1. the truth says:

        Just is, The facts speak for themselves. Sure there are hard working black taxpayers, just not enough. Blacks 13% of the population, 58% of the criminals in prison. Get your head outa your azz.

  4. Eddiefast says:

    The sheeple people of Anne Arundel county voted for this mess so let them clean it up.

  5. Buffalo Soldier says:

    I live next to a shelter for the homeless and the 80% of the tenants or white. The police are there all the time. You have bad apple in every barrel.

  6. eddiefast says:

    Buffalo Soldier. Is it just a coincidence that the perp who killed two in the mall last wk is black, the robber who held up students @ the Univ of Md is black, another murder in Towsontowne parking garage was blacks, Blacks setting dogs on fire etc etc. Sure, whites commit crimes but it’s always the black low class city pavement ape 90% of the time. Any group home is a danger to the community no matter the color of the skin. They should be isolated & not in communities with innocent people until they have a history of at least five years clean.

  7. Sharon says:

    News Flash….some white people listen to hip hop, are uneducated and live below the poverty level just like any other race of people. You racist need to get over yourselves. Some of you are ignorant, poor and stupid. It shows throught the ignorant comments you are sending.

    1. moleman says:

      Sharon , You are typical of the blacks that blindly deny the statistics. Blacks=13 % of the population but account for over 58% of the inmate prisoners. What part of dumb don’t you understand. Sure, Whites commit crime but no where on the same level. Do you ever turn on the news, read a newspaper or are you another dumb nigga that can’t read?

  8. Buffalo Soldier says:

    @ eddiefast, you need to get out sometime and see the real world, white commit just as many crime as black do.

    1. eddiefast says:

      Buffalo Soldier, Could it be that the while race while 73% greater than the black race commit crime is it any wonder? Blacks make up 13% of the population yet account for over 58% of the prison population. Facts are facts you can’t argue with statistics, only deny them blindly until it involves you.

      1. david says:

        hey eddiefast pay attention to what moleman is saying moleman said the same thing that blacks =13% of the population yet account for over 58% in prision are you just copying what moleman saids or are you moleman posting under a different name ??

  9. Working Poor says:

    Trying to teach a biggot why racism is a flawed idea, is like trying to get a slug to win a race. In the end you are left with your hands in the air from the frustration of the biggot’s lack of education and redneck mentality. And you get nothing to show for it but the trail of slime that they left behind.

    We should thank biggots, because its due to their senselessness that we had a civil rights movement, women’s suffrage, and a variety of other laws to protect minorities from the idiots that populate our country. In a way, if it weren’t for biggots, we wouldn’t be the progressive country that we are.

    1. whatnow says:

      If you are going to preach anti-bigotry, you might try not using the racist term “redneck”.

  10. robertryan says:

    Working Poor, I guess having civil rights which was a good thing but manipulated by lawyers to kill any real gains & promote racism such as having all people live together regardless of race, religion or socioeconomic status. Example: Allow vouchers for blacks & criminla whites to live in housing developments that others had to work & save for. Eventually reducing the property values & increasing crime in the area, Glen Burnie, Crofton, Annapolis & the Towson area are proof.

  11. street says:

    Yo we keeps it real. We do what we gots to do to survive. Im from the streets and if a fool needs to get smoked a brothas got to smoke em

    1. robertryan says:

      Street, Enjoy your soon to be “Dirt nap” Nigga. …Brotha??? Who the fuc u POS.

    2. robertryan says:

      Street, Ever think about staying in school & getting an education you dumb nigga or you just want to get rich or die trying tree jumper.

  12. Buffalo Soldier says:

    moleman the system is set up that way, if you are black you get more time for the crime, i bet you listen to tom marr all morning, don’t you?

  13. eddiefast says:

    Buffalo, There are many opportunities for blacks to succeed. Most fail because they have no real parents to mentor & quickly fall prey to the streets, the bling of the so called easy riches of drugs. In the end they all get a dirt nap because of the above & they are brain challenged. Tom Marr is an azzhole.

  14. mallworker says:

    There are bad black people and there are bad white people. Ive been working in the mall for almost 4 years now and 95% of the issue I have are with blacks. They are trashy people that steal, rude, obnoxious,and problem causing. The mall security is a joke and dont/cant do anything. It is nice to have the aa county police at the mall in case their is an immediate issue. Before you get all huffy about black/white please just frequent the mall on a weekend or even during the week and you can form your own opinion.

  15. moleman says:

    Mallworker, I rest my case. I’ve been preaching to these azzholes forever about the black thug 13 to 30 yr olds who travel in gangs because they feel tough. Let me tell you Popeye eating chicken Motha Fuk’as, that the day is coming soon when we will blast your black azz to the past. Ya’ll belong in the Balto zoo, U animals.

  16. Jeff Adamson says:

    You are all missing the obvious. These people were murdered by a thug using a gun..at least thats what the story says. I say that is impossible. First of all, shooting at people is against the law. Secondly, killing people is against the law. Third..carrying a gun without a permit(which no one can get in Maryland) is against the law. All that said, no one would DARE break a law. I mean, when a law is passed, people immediately stop that illegal action.
    Therefore….this story must be a lie.

  17. zone says:

    Location , location…

  18. Everybody Get Down says:

    To Justin Mulcahey (Who “challenges” anyone to go to the mall, at any given time, to see a police presence there):

    Gosh, Justin, If we weren’t “stupid consumers”, with pockets stuffed full of cash, we might reason that your motive for the “merry challenge” is to entice us to spend money at Arundel Mills Mall, as opposed to other, safer malls, that are located further from Baltimore?” We are just not sure, since we are merely stupid, and look to our television and computer, to make intelligent choices for us…

    Ummm…. Here’s a better challenge (and a rather festive one, as well):

    – Common Sense subsequently motivates even “challenged” consumers, to drive a few minutes further from Baltimore, and shop in malls that don’t pose an elevated threat to consumers and their families.

    Goodness, Justin…. I can’t believe that those words just escaped my mouth. I have never stated anything rational or intelligent before. Hell, I can’t even spell some of those words….
    Where did this “wisdom” come from?
    I just “looked beyond the BS, the greed, and financial motivation, and simply considered “Where would I want my wife and family to shop?”

    I’ve got another challenge: I challenge anyone to : Find Justin shopping at the Anne Arundel Mall, after this latest killing.



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