TOWSON, Md. (WJZ) — Baltimore County Police search for another brazen robber stealing from the poor. Goodwill stores were targeted four times in a week.

Kai Jackson has more on the investigation.

The robberies have customers baffled and police looking for suspects.

Baltimore County Police are looking for suspects after four robberies occur at two Goodwill stores in a seven-day span.

“I don’t know why anybody would want to rob the Goodwill. It’s not like they carry high-dollar items. They’re not going to have a lot of cash in the register,” said Kim Walls.

“At this point we do believe it’s likely that the two robberies that occurred at the Towson Goodwill are connected,” said Det. Cathy Batton, Baltimore County Police.

Police say the first two robberies happened on Nov. 11. The Goodwill in the 1700-block of East Joppa Road in Towson was robbed. The store in the 200-block of West Padonia Road in Cockeysville was also robbed.

“To have somebody come in here and rob them—it’s like going to a church and robbing a church. Who really does that? It’s just stupid,” said Shawn Cox.

Police say the Towson store was robbed again on Nov. 16 and the Cockeysville store was robbed again on Nov. 18.

“He took one of the employees and several customers to the rear of the store. He took money from the registers and from the safe,” Batton said.

If you have information, please call police.

Comments (6)
  1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    I have no doubt they will catch these knuckleheads & when they do several other crimes will be linked to them including a series of stick up’s @ Royal Farms & WaWa stores. Their M.O. is the same & these perps most likely will be the usual black thugs from the area of Loch Raven Village which used to be a nice area until the government decided to ship undesireables & felons to live among innocent hard working people.

  2. Buffalo Soldier says:

    Bernard, STFU.

    1. baltimore resident says:

      wonder what your response will be when Bernard’s suspicions prove correct?

  3. robertryan says:

    Buffalo Soldier, You’ve been eating too many buffalo chips again.

  4. robertryan is a n-gr says:

    robertryan is probally the one who robbed those poor goodwill stores

  5. pigeon says:

    Absolutely disgusting. Sounds like inside jobs to me.

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