BALTIMORE (AP) — Occupy Baltimore protesters are re-applying for a permit to remain in a downtown plaza where they have been living for two months.

Group representatives submitted the application this week to continue a protest with 25 to 300 people in McKeldin Square through April in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

City officials did not approve the group’s October permit application. However, a draft copy of officials’ response states the city would allow two people to stay overnight as night watchmen in one tent in the plaza.

The new application includes contacts the city requested and seeks permission for four large tents and up to 40 personal tents. It also seeks the use of electricity. The city cut electricity to outlets on light poles around the plaza earlier this month.

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  1. Theresa says:

    seriously… electricty????

  2. Steve Wilson says:

    You really think they will get a permit? The Fix is in. The people they are protesting against, the power elite, have already made sure that will never happen. A real people’s revolt (not their staged TEA Party stooges) scares the you-know-what out of Big Business and the wealthy (not to mention the GOP).

    1. Jeff Adams says:

      Tea Party stooges???

      Another liberal with his head in his rear end. Big business is not the problem, it is how the politicians are in bed with big business, otherwise how could Obama be touted as the potential “first BILLION dollar candidate”? Democrats for the people, yeah right. You probably believed “a fee is a tax, Bob”.

      The Tea party is forced to get permits and abide by the law for thier protests, why shouldn’t the OWS have to play by the same rules? Answer, because they are hiding behind bu!!sh!t liberal ideaology. The same ideaology that tells liberals that business is bad and government is good

      If you stand against Big Government you are an enemy to liberal agendas, if you stand against business you are playing into the liberal Big Government’s hand.

      So if a protest is something you stand for, as in your post above, why is the Tea Party a problem for you? Because they disagree with you. That is a staple of liberalism, those who disagree should have their rights stripped away, those who agree should be allowed more rights, even above the law.

      Exactly how it plays out in Marylandistan, just look at the war on Rural Maryland. Urbanites vote in the liberal stranglehold, and the rural folks who do not are a very easy target for crippling regulations, regs stacked on top of regs, to “save the Bay”. The power “elite” you speak of is right in Annapolis, if you agree you are protected, if you disagree you are a target.

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