BALTIMORE (WJZ) —  An internal police investigation is underway after police say an officer drew her weapon and fired on a man in West Baltimore.

It happened Wednesday morning in the 3300 block of Edmondson Avenue.

Alex DeMetrick reports at this point, investigators say this shooting is shaping up to be a case of self-defense.

Two blocks were sealed off on Edmondson Avenue in West Baltimore shortly after 9 a.m., after a female police officer shot a man who was allegedly brandishing two knives.

“He refused verbal commands.  He did not drop the knives, so in fearing for her life, the officer fired upon the suspect,” said Det. Kevin Brown, Baltimore City Police.  “He was struck at least once in the lower abdomen.”

The man was said to be alert and talking when taken to the hospital, but later died.

Neighbors have seen trouble here before.

“Every time you turn around, something is going on, man. Somebody get shot. You never hear any good news,” said Eddie Johnson, neighbor.

At this point, it’s not clear whether the man threatened anyone else with the knives before the officer arrived.

“It’s just a little too early. We’re waiting to get more witness statements and more statements from the officer,” said Brown.

One thing is clear.

“It’s so close to Thanksgiving and the holidays and everything. It’s a shame,” said another neighbor.

The officer was not injured.  Neither she nor the man who was shot have yet been identified by police.

Whenever there is a police shooting, homicide detectives do an investigation and the officer is taken off the streets until that is complete.

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  1. mr.right says:

    @Oscar what don’t reproduce ! kill your self the world would be a much better place!

  2. CC says:

    When is the boy’s mamma going to be on tv saying “my baby, by baby, the policeess didn’t have to shot my baby” “he is a good guy” The boy is just another typical thug!

    1. Karen says:

      So ignorant, he wasnt a boy he was a man….. His mother is deceased “Know It All”.. HE was no thug, a well respected man from a well known church organization……

  3. baltimoreopinion says:

    Thank you officer!! One less thug on the streets.

    1. Karen says:

      Why are people so quick to say thug, you should do research before assuming…. Such ignorant people in this world. I sincerely hope you get help because you need it… He was well respected, you should have come to the funeral and saw it for yourself then you would be choking off your comments…

  4. Sezmane says:

    earlier it was non life threatning now the guys dead excessive force what happened to the stun guns bealfeld talked about on 6o minutes.

  5. Helen says:

    He was a good guy. Don’t judge.

    1. Karen says:

      He was a good guy Helen, these people with negative comments Make me sick trying to judge whenyou really have no idea who this man was or even worse who he knew… Ipray for those people who post negative nasty comments, I pray you never have a loved one that is in this situation…..

  6. zoro says:

    Good shot Mr policeman, Tree jumpers need to learn that you can’t bring a knife to a gun fight & win.

    1. mr.right says:

      Zoro, if you could read you would know that it was a female officer that fired the shot and as for the tree jupers coment are you mad because your son looks moe and more like the milk man every day? you needle pr*ck sob!

    2. Karen says:

      I am just amazed at the ignorant people in this world. clearly you have not lossed a relative and had any assume (ASSume) what happened or whom he really was…. Praying for ignorant people

  7. zoro says:

    Mr. Right, Needle prick??? I don’t think so. Bet you would need a search party of five to find your dic.

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