BALTIMORE (AP) — Baltimore police say a woman has been charged with assault in a stabbing at the Occupy Baltimore site.

Officers say Desiree Nicholson, 23, of Halethorpe has been charged with assault in the incident early Sunday at the encampment at the Inner Harbor. She is being held on $75,000 bond.

According to a police report, the unidentified victim says she and Nicholson had gotten into an argument “because [Nicholson] was not taking care of her cat.”

The police report says Nicholson kicked the woman in the stomach, then stabbed her in the arm and thigh with a knife.

The victim is reportedly in stable condition.

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  1. heatherfeather says:

    A cat? Really? The argument was likely drug-related. Everything about Occupoo is drug-related.

  2. Jerry says:

    The nappiest of the nappy. Good God.

  3. willie says:

    Bye, You must be Chinese, “Dude” cause your outlook is severly slanted.

  4. keith says:

    Can’t wait until these people are running our healthcare….

  5. Alice Polarbear says:

    I feel sorry for the victim. I hope she is okay. I also hope the ill-cared for cat is okay, preferably adopted by the victim. Nicholson has a mean and nasty face. She doesn’t deserve a cat. She doesn’t deserve freedom.

  6. Tony Rome says:

    Rise of the Planet of the Apes

  7. IGetItAlready says:

    What the story neglects to report is that the involuntary assailant had trapped the spirit of corporate greed within in her cat and along comes this corporate pig “hippy” girl all feigning solidarity with the movement while incessantly feeding the corporate cat thereby exacerbating the problem.

    The corporate pig was stabbed simply in an attempt to bleed out the greed before the rest of the occupiers beat her to death for loving the man/cat.

    As usual, the black woman goes to jail!!! Down with meat!!! Remember the Alamo!!!

    …and I’m back. lol

    1. willie says:

      Iget it already, Hey coon, Black people go to jail because bl;ack people commit the crimes. Try reading or watching the news some times coonie. Oh, I forgot you are an anti intellectual & don’t believe in learning. Only reason blacks go to school is to deal drugs & knock up the young women.

  8. Wiseguy says:

    What a CATastrophe….. ..another POS bloodymoore,MD ……..
    pavement monkey……….. gets locked up !
    It don’t matter anyway…..Marylands”Catch and Release” program will have them back on the pavement creating more havoc while collecting a paycheck from the nanny system.

    Thats what we have become!

  9. Randy Darrah says:

    Number of arrests from every tea party rally…0

    1. Wiseguy says:

      Number of Cats harmed from every tea party rally…0

      1. willie joe says:

        Wiseguy, Is that Fat Cat’s which there are plenty of in the Tea Party & Rpugs party.

  10. curiosity killed the...DOH! says:

    which came first, the evil or the eyebrows?

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