I just saw an amazing documentary about bare knuckle fighting.

The movie is called KNUCKLE and its about 3 families in Ireland that for one reason or another cant stand each other. So every few weeks they set up bareknuckle fights in remote locations, sometimes for money or for just pride. The movie is absolutely exhilarating. Wondering who is going to win, or even finding your favorite fighter and hoping he pulls it out for his family. The movie centers around the Quinn-McDonagh family and the best fighter in the film James Quinn-McDonagh. Your constantly wondering if anyone from their arch rivals, the Joyces, can beat him or his brothers. Then the Nevin family comes in hoping to get their name in as the king of the bare knuckle fighters. Each fighter has a background story as to why they hate each other. Some stories are great and other ones are as simple as “my father hates them and so do I” reason.

This movie is very violent and twice as brilliant.