TOWSON, Md. (WJZ)—Breaking his silence. A Towson doctor at the center of a massive malpractice investigation opens up to the Baltimore Sun.

Adam May reports Dr. Mark Midei reveals how the scandal has harmed his reputation, and how he plans to fight back.

In his first extended interview since he was first accused of performing unnecessary medical procedures, Dr. Midei exclusively tells our media partner the Baltimore Sun “the human toll has been incalculable.”

He went on to say “I’ve been near suicidal at times. My whole identity was stripped from me.”

In 2009 the one time world renowned cardiologist found himself under federal investigation. 

Since then more than 200 patients have filed lawsuits and he lost his medical license. 

But Dr. Midei is appealing, telling the Sun “We’ll continue until all of our avenues are exhausted.”

Dr. Midei was forced end his cardiology practice at St. Joseph Medical Center after a review of his cases revealed stents were placed in some patients that did not have seriously blocked arteries.

Dr. Midei claims the assessment of blocked arteries is subjective, telling the Sun, “I’ve never treated a single patient that didn’t need to be treated. Every one of them needed the treatment, and they received high quality care.”

Although he maintains his innocence, Dr. Midei says public doubt has been personally difficult.

“It’s been an extreme challenge to get through each day,” he said. “I just live it one day at a time.”

Dr. Midei has filed an appeal in circuit court, hoping he’ll get his medical license back.

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  1. PAUL E. MICELLI says:

    You do the CRIME and you do the TIME!

  2. susan says:

    You need to serve time for the permanent not temporary problems your patients are now suffering from the fraudulent matter you dealt with each patient.

    The board took way too long to remove your medical license and the law is taking way to long in prosecuting and sending you to jail for the things you did. Just so unthinkable why you would place 3 stents in my coronary artery when in fact I was only blocked 10-15%, why, you told me in the hospital I was blocked 89-95%.

    I will be happy when you are in jail and pay for what you have done to all of us, innocent people.

  3. police31 says:

    Don’t worry mam he will get whats comming to him

  4. LYNN says:


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