With the 2nd best record in the NFL the Baltimore Ravens are primed for the playoff push with the hopes of a #1 seed, home field advantage and a 1st round bye. To do that they’ll likely have to run the table meaning wins at San Diego this coming Sunday night, home Christmas eve with Cleveland and at Cincinnati. While it may not seem daunting outside of SNF at the Chargers, running the table would mean seven straight wins and no matter the strength of a team seven in a row is a tough task. Injuries are part of the game at this time of the year and the Ravens are going to have to overcome the turf toe bug that bit Ben Grubbs early in the season, Ray Lewis recovering from his and now it looks like Lardarius Webb too.

They’ll also have to overcome the rest of the AFC as it seems like Houston, Pittsburgh and the Patriots won’t concede position. The cold truth is this… the Ravens are 10-3 and still fighting for their playoff lives as one loss potentially drops them from 1st to 5th which would be a shame considering what the 2011 Ravens are. Super Bowl bound is a reality if seven straight happens. Is a loss dooms day? NO, but it makes a tough road to Indy much more difficult. 10-3 looks and feels great but it’s not enough for them and it shouldn’t be enough for you. Every game going forward is a must win and the team should play as such. They know what’s at stake, its pedal to the metal from here on out… Seven straight needs to be the theme!

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