ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ)– Mall madness! Police make arrests across the country as thousands of people storm the stores for a rare pair of shoes.

Meghan McCorkell has more on the shopping frenzy.

Right here in Maryland, police in Anne Arundel County arrested five people as crowds got out of control.
Everyone trying to get their hands on the new Air Jordans that were just released.

Shoppers trampled. In a mad dash, people crushing those on the ground to get into an Indianapolis mall.

“It’s been crazy,” one witness said. “I’ve been hearing garbage cans. People’s been maced.”

In Washington state, mall security pepper sprayed a crowd that got out of control.

“My mouth is on fire,” one person who was pepper sprayed said. “My eye! Look! If I lick my lips, my mouth will burn.”

Fights broke out in Pineville, N.C., as customers waited in line. Police rushed to control massive crowds.

All of it for the new Air Jordan Concords just released at midnight.

Anne Arundel County police arrested three people here at the Westfield Annapolis Mall as the crowds formed.

Pictures from Twitter show the crowds outside the Foot Action inside the mall. A mob of people also gathered outside the champs store before it opened, despite mall security’s request for customers to stay in their cars.

Once those crowds got out of control, mall security called in the police.

Customers we spoke with say shoppers got out of control.

“They should have just said, ‘Here have it, we’ll go to the next store’,” shopper Shane Ciccarelli said.

Two more people were arrested at Arundel Mills when crowds swarmed. Even with the chaos across the country, some say, it was worth it.

“They’re not just any shoes. They’re Jordans!” one shopper said.

Westfield Annapolis eventually canceled the pre-sale of those shoes and told customers to come back during regular store hours.

When the Annapolis mall did open, all of the new Air Jordan shoes sold out within minutes.

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  1. John says:

    hah, Reminds me of 1996 waiting for WHFS tickets outside of macy’s all night. 100’s of people out side. Rental cops took out tazers and where trying to force us into our cars. They then called the real cops and the real cops said we where doing nothing wrong and left 🙂

  2. Tywana says:

    Just pure foolisness. The stores should have had a better game plan. And the patrons should have conducted themselves accordingly as well. People need to prioritize and put all things in perspective when it comes to things they want.

  3. Tired of stories like this! says:

    As Michael Jordan continues to laugh his 1% already super rich a– to the bank, the lower end of the food chain that is even below the common 99% of Americans, continues to squander their tax payer supported welfare checks on a pair of stupid basket ball shoes. Man I tell you, Nike, Mercedes Benz, Cadillac, BMW and a host of other money waster companies continues to feed off of black people too stupid realize that all of this stuff they buy from white owned companies keeps them as the other underclass by becoming rich off the hype they sell to people with low self-esteem and low I.Q’s. These stories of people rioting over material garbage just infuriates me. Walmart does it every year at Black Friday. Want to become rich? Then spend the money you waste on material garbage on book and education and even try investing and saving! I’m so tired of black peopple complaining about being oppressed and broke only to willing spend $180.00 on atheletic shoes that will never even see a basketball court. I’m complaining because I mostly saw black’s in line for these dumb shoes. No wonder whites say we’re a stupid race. It’s true when we buy shoes like this when we can’t afford it and get into riotous fights while waiting in line like pigs about to be slaughtered.

    1. sayeb says:

      Tired of stories, Thank you, couldn’t have said it any better. I might ass in addition to this, whenever large crowds of blacks congregate, there is always fights & rioting.

      1. bmoresafe says:

        mondawmin, which is predominately african american mall, had NO problems.

    2. Adam says:

      Wow, even at Christmas time you guys can be rude and racist. Grow up.

      1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

        Mondawimin, didn’t have any problems cause they didn’t have any sneakers.

    3. hopestar says:

      u got it..dumb as heck.. black or white its just dumb..your are dead on your comment

  4. Steve Wilson says:

    The malls created the problem and the malls ought to be charged for police time and material.

  5. Tired of stories like this! says:

    Lord! I just saw a repeat of this story on WJZ tonight! Again, it’s mostly my fellow blacks who stay away from libraries like Count Dracula avoids the sun, but only to go get into line for Michael Jordan’s stupid shoes! Again, they have created a violent mob scene very reminiscent of the black caused chaos of 4th of July Baltimore Inner Harbor. These shopping and tourist venues have got to stop the mass attraction of no class underclass black people because again and again and again, their awlful presents causes horrifying and embarrassing moments of violence that scares away higher class people who are the life blood of these venues. It is proven over and over gain that large groups of young blacks 14-28 are just obnoxious savages who just don’t know how to act in public. The Annapolis Mall saw an off-dute US Secret Service agent have to shoot a young gangster black thug there in 2005 because he got into a fight with a rival black male thug and strarted shooting. He shot the agent who servived. The thug servived to I was sorry to hear, but he’s doing 37-years in prison and will have to serve the entire sentence. Whoooppeeee!

    1. Carl says:

      It is folks like you who cause America to be sinking to the bottom of the morality and wealth scale. You can’t seem to make a comment without lacing it with racism. All of us bleed red; no matter the color of our skins. Your stupidity knows no boundary. Can anyone influence what his/her skin color become? Your ignorance and hatred for blacks is quite appalling. Get educated, will you, and all who think like you? Good heavens!!

  6. Stupidity Rules says:

    God help this country. Capitalism at its best. These people are being controlled and are to stupid to know it. They think they rule…….

  7. N. says:

    If young black men were as excited for the new SAT/ACT book coming out, or the new college rankings, or the Ivy League admissions as they are about these shoes, America would be so different!! I am a black teenager myself(so this comment is not intended to be hateful or racist), and it seems as though most kids in my school who are hype about college admissions are black females or white kids. It’s sad really, because most black males in my school get hype about getting tattoos, sports, girls, or materialist things such as polo clothing and now i guess its Jordan shoes. I wouldn’t mind this whole shoe obsession if they were at least passionate about their education…

    1. smiller says:

      i’m black and i agree, not rushing to school or a job are they?

  8. 1-0-3-0- WITHERSPOON says:


  9. Paul says:

    Again, > 95 % of them were professional – but there were a few that exhibited shocking behavior. Pushing people for no reason. Yelling at people to form a single line – which any idiot could clearly see was not going to happen. And then those that did listen and do what they were told ended up being completely shut out from even getting the sneaks since they were completely ignored when they eventually handed out the lottery tickets.

    In my opinion, the police are the ones that need to learn from this incident, since they are really lucky that things really didn’t spin out of control. It very easily could have, in fact, I’m surprised the crowd tolerated their actions with such calm.

  10. Michael Spencer says:

    What is wrong with people today? Can’t anyone think for themselves? Don’t buy into marketing schemes that turn some humans into wild boars. Never in my entire life did I stand in line for anything. Nothing material is that important that we forget about humanity.
    Hey Guys it’s CHRISTMAS lets be jolly!!!!!!!!!

  11. Tom says:

    Time to move to Australia, at least they act white down under. America is lost. Thank you Ab Lincoln and those liberal white states for setting the domino chain reaction that lead to its zenith that we see and experience today. Had the south been allowed under the constitution to seceded rather then Ab Lincoln being allowed to break the law of the constitution and the Unionized states who turned their head to such violations at least the southern states would have preserved and maintain dignity and civility. Today we enjoy the fruits of violence, crime, disrespect and government who lacks direction.

  12. cHARMcity says:

    LOL.. u all are too funny… But I do agree… Thanks for keeping racism alive Good People of Baltimore!!!..

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