By Joi Louviere

Photo Credit: Timothy Caver

Meet Victoria. This 22-year-old reserved PR professional really started developing her sense of style in the last few years. The Baltimore native would describe her look as conservative chic, preferring chiffon tops but fitted pants. The 5’4″ olive-skinned fashionista is inspired by more simple things, pairing neutral basics with one or two bright statement pieces.

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Photo Credit: Timothy Caver

Victoria finds her digs at stores like H&M and Urban Outfitters but also scores on great items at fashion site She would encourage everyone to start with staple pieces and build around those with handbags and shoes. Often she’ll get a great bag or cute pair of shoes and will assemble a whole outfit around it.

Her favorite look is simply a dress, heels and a great bag.

Her Louis Vuitton bag is a deep rectangular with a checkered pattern and short handles. It’s truly one of those purses that goes with anything and is big enough that it fits everything you’d need.

She describes her heels as wedges by Jessica Simpson that have a Jeffry Campbell vibe. They’re gray t-strap wedges that incorporate textured leather and wood. “They look retro to me,” she said. She likes them because of their versatility; she can wear them in spring and in fall.

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Victoria prefers wedges with most outfits. “I feel like I’m dressed up but not too dressed up,” she said.

But if she isn’t strutting around in wedges, you’ll definitely find her in boots.

One of her favorite outfits actually involves a certain pair of brown medium-heeled boots with buttons that she’s rather fond of. Accompanying them with a turtle neck sweater dress and navy blazer, she has the winter business chic look down.

Photo Credit: Timothy Caver

It’s not all about the fabric. Smaller accessories, hair and makeup styling are important, too. The naturally curly city girl prefers to leave the curls for sexy outfits and iron her hair straight for more relaxed outfits. She claims her face paint musts are mascara and bronzer and usually accessorizes with a watch and stud earrings.

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Watch out Baltimore, she may be young and just starting out but her fashion choices have already skyrocketed her to the top!

Photo Credit: Timothy Caver

Joi Louviere has written for various news publications. She currently works as a newspaper copy editor and designer by day and a scrapbooking reality TV enthusiast by night.