By Mike Schuh

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Have you seen the light show at the Power Plant? It’s an amazing five minute video and laser adventure.

Mike Schuh found out that its creators are Baltimore natives.

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It takes six of the most powerful projectors in the world to make the building dance, but none of this would happen without the artists and technicians in a nondescript warehouse in South Baltimore.

“Let’s say it took three solid weeks, nights and weekends, too,” said Janelle Canty, artist.

At Image Engineering, their job is to dream up ways to make things look cool.

The Ravens loved this idea: red eyes, smoke and fire surrounding the players.

A hometown company is spreading its wings far beyond Baltimore. How about three Super Bowls and more big name concerts than you can count?

Joe Suehle and his two brothers own the business.

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“We do a lot of fun, creative things,” Suehle said. “Really creative talented team of people who work here who pull all this magical stuff off, and it’s not about the gear as it is about those people who think about how to use all that equipment to do something really compelling.”

People like Phil Payne who,  due to the NBA lockout, only had a couple of days to build a sign for the Wizards.

“We are the little hidden gem in Baltimore that does really cool things,” said Nick Hock, Image Engineering.

Just 15 years old, they’re now the most versatile company of its kind in the country.

“We like to pride ourselves as not being super big or small,” Suehle said. “We can tackle any job given to us.”

“You get to stay like at 13-year-old boy and do cool things with flames, fireworks and LEDs and lasers. Don’t forget the lasers,” Payne said.

Indeed, don’t forget the lasers.

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On New Year’s Eve, new light shows will run on the hour starting at 6 p.m.  And of course at 11 p.m. join us for our show ringing in the New Year’s Eve with the fireworks at the Inner Harbor.