BALTIMORE (WJZ) — City police say a serial rapist is off the streets. Investigators linked the suspect to three separate attacks but say there may be more victims.

Gigi Barnett explains how detectives caught the suspect.

The list of charges against Nelson Bernard Clifford, 33, is long. Baltimore detectives say he’s responsible for three different rape cases throughout the city.

“I don’t know how to describe this individual other than a predator,” said Anthony Guglielmi, Baltimore City Police spokesperson.

Police say the first rape happened in early November in the 3700-block of Greenmount Avenue. In that attack, police say Clifford climbed through a woman’s window at night and raped her at knifepoint while her two children were in the next room.

It happened again a few days later, this time in the 700-block of Lennox Street.

It happened a third time in the 900-block of Harlem Avenue last month. This time, police say he used an ice pick to threaten the victim.

Investigators say Clifford would always strike at night and linked him to all of the attacks with DNA.

“Nelson Clifford has a very specific MO,” said Baltimore City Police Major Martin Barton.

Jeanie McAlpine is glad to hear he was caught. She recently moved into one of the neighborhoods Clifford targeted. She says even though he’s off the streets, she won’t stop taking extra steps of precaution.

“I have a pit bull. He’s very friendly but a lot of people are intimidated by him,” she said.

Police found Clifford hiding out in Dundalk a couple of weeks ago and they were able to find the third and latest victim while he was in jail.

Police believe there may be more victims. They’re asking anyone with information on Clifford to call investigators.

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  1. joe ecko ecko says:

    i bet he rapped his mom to

    1. bo says:

      he rapped to his mom?

  2. joe ecko ecko says:

    oh and grandmother

  3. joe ecko ecko says:

    he raped the both and then sang a tune from p diddy

  4. 2sillys says:

    Quote>“I have a pit bull. He’s very friendly but a lot of people are intimidated by him,” she said.

    Don’t you know pit bulls only attack children & other small dogs? Oh, and people just out for a walk. I’ve never heard of one attacking or intimidating a rapist.

    1. Jennifer Coulter says:

      This is such an ignorant comment. I know several pit bull owners who have the sweetest dogs. I’ve even seen photos with pit bulls and other “dangerous breeds” loving on children. Very, very sweet and cute. Dogs who attack – no matter the breed – are encouraged by their owners, not by their specific breed. Toy dogs bite people the most anyway. The owners who buy a particular breed and train the specific breed to attack are the dangerous ones – NOT the pit bulls. I also think it’s stupid for the lady to say that about her dog because if someone got bitten by a dog and point the finger at him because of his breed, the community won’t think twice to put him down.

      1. templeton says:

        They are breed to fight you moron!!!

  5. independent says:

    Pit bulls were initially called “Nanny Dogs” because they watched over the children.

    Do a little research so you don’t sound too silly.

  6. antoinette shorter says:

    wasn’t someone raped? focus people, focus! sheesh

  7. Steven Spiegel says:

    This about seriall rapes. Not pitt bulls

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