The biggest knock against Tim Tebow was that he couldn’t throw the football. While I’ll agree that he’s never going to lead the league in completion percentage, he’s good enough to win games. He proved that, yet again, against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Wild Card game.

Tim Tebow is doing this as an athlete who plays quarterback more than being a great quarterback. He’s proof that there’s room for “non-traditional” quarterbacks in the NFL.

In fact, there are guys who do what Tebow does, better than Tebow. He’s a trailblazer. I believe Tebow’s paving the way for critics to take another look at “what it takes” to play the position in this league.

No, I’m not saying that the Tom Brady’s of the world are going away. Those guys are way too good to go away. However, why not give an athletic, mobile guy an opportunity instead of some lukewarm stiff that shouldn’t even be in the league.

There’s something to be said about true leadership and the ability to get it done. There are more Tim Tebows out there. Now, it’s up to scouts to go find them and coaches to do what John Fox has done by just letting them play. Don’t over-coach.

Rob Long


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