4:30 Saints @ 49ers – Conn-Crete Lock of the Week:  I love the 49ers getting points here. Everybody keeps talking about the 49ers defense getting stops against the Saints offense. I personally think you should focus in on the 49ers offense against the Saints defense. I believe the 49ers will do well picking up blitzes and run the ball efficiently.


8:00 Broncos @ Patriots: For me this is the toughest game on the board. The first time these 2 teams met, Denver had an early lead and then fell apart after a few silly turnovers. I think the Broncos can keep this game close, I don’t know if they will win it , but 2 td’s is a lot to give up in the NFL. The Bronco’s will have to run the football and keep Brady off the field. Most importantly they will have to take care of the ball.



1:00 Texans @ Ravens: So I initially picked the Ravens at 23-17, BUT I’m starting to lean more and more to the Ravens. Knowing their history coming off a bye week and how they have played against rookie quarterback, you have to like the Ravens here. I believe the Ravens defense will get after TJ Yates and force some turnovers. I think the Ravens will get an early lead and take the Texans right out of their game. They will force the Texans to throw, and that’s where they will get in trouble. I’m changing up my score to the Ravens 24-13. I am afraid of the dreaded back door cover, but I’m gonna roll the dice and see what happens.


4:30 Giants @ Packers: This was almost my lock of the week. Hurry up and jump aboard this bandwagon, because there really isn’t a lot of room left. Everyone thinks this is the upset this week. I LOVE the Packers in this game. How soon we forget, that the Packers went 15-1 and undefeated at home, putting up points at an alarming rate. I do believe the Giants defense is playing much better, but not good enough to slow down the Packers. Green Bay is at full strength with Greg Jennings back, and the Packers will destroy that Giants secondary. It will be below freezing and the weather forecast is showing snow. Should be a fun game to watch.



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