DAVIDSONVILLE, Md. (WJZ) — Brittany Walker, 19, was one of the four people killed in a two-car crash on Route 50 in Anne Arundel County.

Wejia Jiang spoke with her family.

Less than 24 hours after the crash, the family of Brittany Walker is very distraught. And they tell WJZ, it was their little girl that was driving the car that may have caused the tragedy.

This is how family members of Brittany Walker, 19, will remember her:

“As a caring, beautiful girl,” Norman Walker, Brittany Walker’s grandfather, said.

Norman Walker and his wife raised Brittany Walker as their own daughter, and now feel the pain parents would.

On Saturday 3:30 a.m., Brittany Walker and three others were killed on Route 50 east of Maryland 424 in Davidsonville. It was a head-on collision that ended in a fire.

Norman Walker tells WJZ it was his granddaughter who was behind the wheel of a car going the wrong way.

“This vehicle that was traveling westbound in the eastbound lanes of Route 50 carrying three passengers struck head-on a single passenger vehicle,” Elena Russo of the Maryland State Police said.

The Walkers say their grandaughter left their home in Hanover at 11 p.m. on Friday to go to a party with friends.

“My wife told her to be careful and she said she would so,” Norman Walker said. “I don’t know if alcohol was related or not. I just don’t.”

And neither do police– yet.

A crash team is still investigating, but identify the two others who were in the same car as Walker as 18-year-olds Breanna Franco and Zachary Rose.

Brittany Walker, a Meade High School graduate, took nursing classes at Anne Arundel Community College and worked at a pizzeria to pay for them.

Norman Walker– too emotional to share much more– aches for another moment with her.

“I would just hold her, and tell her I love her,” he said.

Police are not releasing the name of the fourth victim who was the lone occupant of the car that was going the right way on Route 50.

Police say a few hours before the crash, callers also reported a driver going the wrong way on I-97. They are investigating whether it was the same car.

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  1. Kathryn says:

    Back when I was a teen I had to be home by 11pm, not leaving the house to party at that hour. What ever happened to parenting? Such a tragedy.

    1. Laurel says:

      Kathryn, I agree with you — but today, that’s how young people are — heading out the door at 11:00 pm — I must such an old lady. I hope it was just drivers error and not related to drinking and driving….but with the time lapse would not shocked.

      1. agvadb says:

        Not all teenagers! I’m eighteen and when I was living with my parents (I’m away at college right now) and even when I come home I have a strict 12:00 curfew. There’s no way in the world my parents would even consider me leaving the house at 11.

    2. r charles says:

      what about the victums, were their lives or no consequence?

      1. Kr says:

        My prayers go out to the man driving the correct way in this tragedy and his family and friends. It’s unfortunate how quickly stupid mistakes – alcohol related or not – can destroy lives including those lives of loved ones left behind.

    3. Anne says:

      What happened to parenting? Nothing at all. She was a legal adult. 19 years old. If she wanted to go out, she will as she pleases. I know Mr. Walker very well. In fact, I work with him and I met Brittany quite a few times. She was a well raised teenager and would never intentionally do something like this. People should really keep comments to themselves and have some respect for the families that are grieving through this tragic loss.

      1. larryag says:

        drunk and speeding I bet , and you want us to say thiis is fine , no I would never let an 18 year old with one 91 mph in a 55 zone ticket leave after 11 with a car fiull of teenagers

    4. Debbie says:

      They say she was raised by her grandparents…

  2. William Trexler says:

    you live in my house in by 12… in your own house, when ever you want …no exceptions..all kids smoke drink have sex etc..make the rules .. inforce the rules

  3. wllharrington says:

    Maybe I’m a cynic but getting on a highway going the wrong way AND driving the wrong way for a mile or more indicates that alcohol or brain damage was present. Any reasonable person able to use judgement would recognize their error and correct it. If the driver was impaired what heppened to ther other two occupants, why didn’t they protest, they are as culpable as the driver and were probably impaired also. The only innocent in this ‘accident’ was the single driver on the correct side of the highway who was murdered by an incompetent, uncaring driver.

    1. wow says:

      What is your problem? It is one thing to suggest that maybe alcohol was involved in this incident. It is however, a whole other thing to assume some one has “brain Damage” because of an accident. Perhaps you have brain damage… That would be the only excuse for such a poor taste in words. I was friends with all 3 of these kids. It is sickening that you have absolutely no compassion for a fellow human. It is guarenteed that loved ones of these people will read and see this and all you have are negative thoughts. Please save yourself from looking like an ass and keep your rude comments to yourself. I believe even a child would know the saying “if you have nothing nice to say, dont say anything at all”

      1. concerned driver says:

        The problem is that for almost 9 miles at 330 am they drove on the wrond side of a major highway. It’s amazing that more people were not killed in the process but how did no one in the car notice the headlights coming at them on a major highway. Crossing a double solid is a sad mistake….driving 9 miles on the wrong side of a major highway is inexcusable. Other news reports are saying the students we’re impairedwhich is the only plausible explanation. It’s sad that the students lost their lives but it’s their own damn fault for such reckless actions. The real tragedy is the innocent driver that died in the other car. Teens need freedom but I’m hard pressed to find a reasonable explanation for teens being out at 330am.

  4. Sue Shade Monroe says:

    So sorry for all families & friends who lost love ones. This could of been me last week when a 18 year old crossed the center line & headed straight for me. Luckily I was paying attention & swerved off the road & he barely hit me. His excuse…changing radio station. Pay attention when driving….you just never know.

  5. sad sara says:

    how about we stop focusing on whether alcohol was involved or what time they left the house that night because those facts wont change your life. all i am focusing on is that i grew up with zach rose and now i am burring my life long friend and deal with the pain of a loss. these parents are all dealing with having to lay their children to rest and it is sad that all you people can do is be negative. this is what people have become and it sickens me. if these were your children you would be very upset to see people talking like this after you have just lost the one you held closest to your heart. grow up

    1. stephanie kestler says:

      Thank you sara. My brother and his family knew Brittany. She grew up with them. She was a sweet and loving girl. It is so cruel and mean of people who have nothing better than to make accusations and assumprtions about people they don’t even know. My heart hurts for everyone impacted by this tragic loss. We need to focus on prayers for all who are inmpacted by this tragedy and stop the cruel comments made about people you don’t even know. We may never know what truely happened. Noone is alive to tell that story. To begin to accuse Brittany of being incompetent and uncaring or make accusations about the parenting is just sickening to me. Sara you are in my prayers. I am so sorry for your loss. Hearts ae broken forever.

  6. Steven Spiegel says:

    Its a shame that things like this happen to good and decent people. Even if they were drinking you mean to tell me that all you people are such good parents that you no excactly waht your 19 yr old kids are doing? I dont even no what my dogs doing at 3am for god sake. And for the other car involved its not like the young girl said im un caring im going to drive down the wrong side of the road and ruin everyones life. No it was a Accident thats why they are called accidents. Its a shame that people lose love ones but that is what happens time and time again. The only thing we can do is talk to our children and try to teach right from wrong once they turn away and walk out that door its all trail and era for the teens. None of you were saints and i wasnt either. I think people put on fronts at home for there kids so much that they start believing they are saints and never drank and drove .If you drink and say you never drank and drove your a lier. I learned how to drive drunk half the time and was fortunate enough to never have hurt someone acting like a fool showing off. Most of us did it back then . So give these parents a break by stepping down off your high horse and actually think how you would feel if it was your child and then maybe you will start to feel and care for these people instead of being Hard nosed pricks. And for all the Grammer police out there i no i cant spell well but im sure i got my point cross.

    1. sad sara says:

      thank you steven

    2. colliemom says:

      I agree that it isn’t appropriate to start blaming people who are already in pain. However, it is appropriate to use this tragedy to try to point out that people who drink and drive cause terrible pain to others; they may end their own lives, and end other innocent bystander’s lives. This is NOT an accident; this is a predictable consequence of bad decisions. Good and decent people do not make a decision to drink and drive; if they are going to drive, they do not drink and if they are drinking they do not drive. There are no other safe options. No one “learns how to drive drunk half the time”; they are reckless, uncaring of their and others safety and think they driving well. I have no tolerance for anyone who drinks and drives; this crash (not accident) was caused by drinking and driving. You and others should at least give it some value by learning from it. You did get your point across; that you drink and drive and think it’s okay to do that because other people have. Seeing the pain this crash caused wasn’t enough to understand that this is always the wrong thing to do?

      1. sad sara says:

        it is not even proven yet if alcohol was involved so everyone needs to lay off with all this negativity.. this was an accident… other wise it would have been labeled differently. if you guys read to reports on this you would see that it states clearly IT IS NOT CLEAR WHETHER ALCOHOL WAS INVOLVED OR NOT. not while you guys are on here talking trash on people you do not know while i am making plans to go to a viewing and a funeral you guys sicken me. if these were people in your life you would not be talking the way you are if you have nothing nice to say keep your nasty opinions to your self

      2. Go to people you know says:

        Sad Sara, a few things: 1) don’t come looking for sympathy from strangers in a public forum who have more pity for those who were killed as a result of her actions. 2) If she wasn’t under the influence,then what? She thought it would be fun? A thrill? Thrilling. Honestly. If you want pity for her, go to your friends and family. You will not find it here.

  7. Lisa Hazen says:

    I’m appalled at the negative comments i’m reading here! How could you say such horrible inconsiderate things about a beautiful young lady you don’t even know or critique the parenting skills of the GRANDPARENTS who devoted their lives to raising a responsible young WOMAN of 19 years of age. A person over the age of 18 is considered an adult, especially one with a job and paying their own way through school so why ever would “rules” or a curfew be placed on her? I’ve known Mr Norman Walker for just over 10 years now. We are friends as well as co-workers and i was fortunate enough to see Miss Brittany grow & mature over the years. This young lady had a job and worked hard so she could finance her way thru school! She was never an “uncaring” person and certainly not a “murderer!” Her life is every bit as important and she’s as innocent in this as any of the others involved in the accident because that’s exactly what this is.. “an accident” a tragic accident! They are all human beings and deserve our compassion and prayers! I’m saddened for all families involved and my heart aches for Mr Walker wondering how he must be feeling right now! If you only knew these wonderful people i’m certain you wouldn’t be so harsh but alas, you dont! How about you stop being so pompously presumptuous and understand that this tragedy could’ve just as easily happened to you or those you love. You should be hugging those important in your life and telling them how much you love them over and over and as often as you can because life can end so suddenly! Just imagine a moment if you didn’t have the chance to say goodbye?! I just wish that some people would just exercise some forethought before they place such hard judgements.

    1. colliemom says:

      I agree that people shouldn’t be second guessing or holding the family responsible. As you say, she was 19. Problem is that most 19 year olds don’t have good judgement; they drink to get drunk and do not understand the consequences of bad choices, as clearly shown here. Some of the posters show that same lack of insight, saying that there’s nothing wrong with drunk driving or that the driver that caused this was a victim. If she was the driver, and if she was drunk (or high, as reports show marijuana was found in the car), she is not innocent. The others who chose to get in the car with an impaired driver are not innocent, though they are less guilty than the driver. The only one innocent in this was the other driver, whose life was taken because of bad and perhaps illegal behavior. Her actions led to four deaths, including herself. The investigation findings have not been released yet, but it seems reasonable to assume that a driver on the road after partying at 3 am, speeding and going the wrong way on two major highways was significantly impaired. I understand that people are grieving, but they should recognise that this crash resulted from bad judgement and bad decisions at the least, and illegal underage substance abuse at the worst. No one should defend the behavior that led us here; you can love a person, but still understand that they made bad choices. My worry is this lack of insight, as if an impaired driver did nothing wrong. This is an opportunity for others in her age group to grow to understand that their behavior and choices do have consequences, and you don’t get a second chance to undo the pain. Don’t drink and drive; it’s that simple.

      1. Truth says:

        Well stated colliemom.

  8. Lisa Hazen says:

    Again, people are assuming that alcohol was involved.. i guess you have selective hearing and or reading because it was said in the news clip that it’s NOT been determined IF alcohol was involved. Get your facts straight.

  9. James R. Collette says:

    Sorry for the tragic loss to the families. This is going to be a hell of a lawsuit. Sometimes you don’t know what your kids are doing. There are a lot of influences more powerful than parents. Most kids don’t listen to their parents or authority figures. I am not a betting person but if I were I would say there was alcohol at the party and it contributed to this disaster.

  10. JR55 says:

    Why is it in life everyone has to be so mean about something they don’t know anything about ! I don’t know any involved but all it comes down too is that respect for anyone in this world has gone away. It is a sad story and none of us were there so what right does anyone have to pass judgement. Bless the friends and familys of all involved. Time will heal the pain! I know because I lost a love one many years ago in the same fashion.

  11. Truth says:

    Truth is truth. May God hold and care for the four souls lost in this tragic event. Event? Yes I said event. What it was not was an accident. Terry Wayne Davis age 55. Remember this name for he is a victim of a crime. Senselessly killed by selfish little children more concerned with having a good time than they were with the safety and welfare of their fellow man. The blood of this poor guy is on the hands of everyone that threw the party where the underage CHILDREN were likely drinking or a combination of drinking and drugs. To the moron Steven Spiegel that admits to having drank and driven a motor vehicle, you too are a part of the problem. It is your selfish belief that you can “handle” your alcohol and drive that puts your fellow man in danger. Just because you had no accident, does not mean that the danger you put others in was any less real. When will parent wake up and take responsibility for raising their children to respect others? This was no accident. This was the willful and intentional act of an irresponsible so called adult who made a decision top operate a deadly motor vehicle and senselessly killed an innocent human being. The only appalling thing I see here on these comments are the people defending such outlandish conduct merely because they knew the girl. What about the other two kids who have been robbed of their futures? What about the loss to their family and friends? This is a tragedy that could easily have been avoided if even one of the three teens in the car had stood up and said whoa, we need to pull over and just stop or better yet, take the keys from their friend and dont let her drive! Oh but wait, that would not have been cool now would it? I mourn for the loss of all life but lets be clear about one thing. This was no accident and anyone that says otherwise is an idiot! May God have mercy on all 4 souls.

    1. JR55 says:

      Truth, Were you there? Are you GOD? I think not! You should be ashamed of making comments like that. I will pray that your hate and anger will subside at some point maybe you should look in the mirror> its a said story you need not throw gas on the fire it is bad enough> JR55

      1. Truth says:

        @ JR55, No I was no there but I knew all 3 kids. My kids went to school and were in scouting with Zach. I have spoken with kids that were AT THE PARTY. I know the irresponsible parents that hosted the party. To put it bluntly I know more about this event than most people do because many kids hurting and affected by this are friends with my kids and have come to us for help in dealing with the loss. I am ashamed of nothing. the truth sometimes hurts but the only way to smack these youngsters with a wake up call is to tell the truth! I have no hate or anger. I have deep remorse for what has happened and I feel horrible as this is a tragedy that could easily have been avoided if a) An irresponsible parent, who by the way was the mother of one of the girls, had not thrown a drinking party and served alcohol to an underage group of kids, b) Someone, anyone at the party had taken keys at the door, c) A friend, any friend had the sense to say to these kids that they were too messed up to drive, d) someone in the car had not been so blasted drunk as to say “hey wait, we are going the wrong way” but no. So many opportunities to make the right decision and everyone failed and an innocent man has paid the price of everyones selfishness and stupidity with his life. The defense of all of these bad decisions and terrible actions is something YOU JR55 should be ashamed of. I do look in the mirror and I thank God every day that I raised my kids to respect the rights of others. Alcohol is never served to kids in my house. My kids know that any time of night, if they or their friends need a ride home to call me and it does not matter the time. All of these are things that responsible parents do and still there is a chance I could get the call that my child has been killed by another irresponsible person. The problem is that parents these days think they need to be “cool” and be best friends with their kids. the truth is they need to be parents first and worry about being pals AFTER they have raised a responsible adult. That my friend is the truth of it all and anyone that thinks that what I say is not reasonable is deluding themselves. The truth often hurts but it does not change the fact that the truth is the TRUTH!

      2. THANK YOU says:

        @truth: it’s about time someone said something rational. I don’t think I could stand another foolish teeny-bopper or deluded “adult” defend this girl. She wasn’t on the wrong side of the road for a sec….she was there for at least minutes! How drunk do you have to be to not notice that you are on the wrong side of a highway?

  12. tylerjake says:

    Wait a minute! What about the innocent person this “beautiful, talented” girl killed when she hit them head on? All this person was doing was driving and try to put yourself in their families shoes!

    1. Truth says:

      Thank you tylerjake for your voice of reason.

    2. gbmom says:

      he wasn’t so innocent either…he also was driving while intoxicated!

      1. sara says:

        holy cow so you mean while all these people have been bashing my friend talking about “the innocent man that was murdered” he was guilty of doing the same thing this “child” was doing and being an “irresponsible and uneducated driver” oh my god … these people need to find out what they are talking about before they open their mouth … thank you gbmom … you have just opened these peoples eyes since they have been talking about how dumb it is to drink and drive and how irresponsible it is to even think about getting behind the wheel of a car after drinking and how childish and careless this was of them and come to find out adult in all of this was drunk too. so to truth .. shut your mouth now that you know all the facts and to all those people bashing my friends grow up learn the facts and dont talk until you know them

  13. stephanie kestler says:

    To everyone above who has something mean and cruel to say about the driver…. Were you in the car? If not how can you make assumptions about anything related to this horrible accident? We will never know exactly what happened even if or when we find out IF substance abuse was a contributing factor. You have no idea about the people you are accusing of being a murderer or a bad parent. As I stated clearly earlier my prayers go out to EVERYONE impacted by these tragic losses. People are in the process of burying thier loved ones. Who are we to condemn anyone here unless one of you are the real God. I too lost a loved one in the same fashion as Mr. Davis. My heart breaks for ALL. I will keep everyone who has nothing better than to cast the first stone knowing they too are not perfect in my prayers. To all the families impacted please do not read or absorb any of this toxic, hateful negativity and the cruel finger pointing. Hold onto each other for dear life and know your family and true friends will be there for you. You are not alone.

  14. Diane King says:

    My heart breaks for all four families that lost loved ones, but let’s not kid ourselves. I do not see a scenario where a group of teenagers heads out to a party after 11 pm where alcohol would not be involved. There may be such situations, but it ain’t likely. So sorry that these young and inexperienced teens had to pay the ultimate price and that they took an innocent victim with them.

  15. Cindy says:

    I am amazed by all the second guessing going on in the above comments. Not one of you know what happened and, as far as I’ve read, neither do the teams of professionals who are investigating this tragic accident. Four families are grieving! Four families are making arrangements to lay their loved one to rest. Having walked in their shoes I can tell you their pain is like no other. Please don’t judge! And to “Truth”…..really?? Maybe you should change “Truth” to “Hate”, because you spew a lot of it in your comments. I don’t know if you are young or old, but please look up the word compassion. It’s an important word to know and practice. To the families and friends of those that died in this horrific accident, I am so sorry for your loss. I know the pain you are going through and I am just so very, very sorry!

    1. Amanda says:

      Well said Cindy, well said.

  16. Truth says:

    Cindy get off of your high horse! I know more about this than you could possibly realize. I am not second guessing. I have first hand knowledge of what happened from people who were at the party and now so too do the authorities. We live in a tightly knit community and all 3 of the kids are known to all of us. I know the parents that threw the party or rather allowed the party to be at their residence and I know all 3 of the kids in the car that were killed and my heart breaks for he SENSELESS loss of life due to a whole myriad of failures on a lot of supposedly responsible peoples parts. Make no bones about this, there is no hate in anything I say but sometimes the reality of a situation needs to be brought home in all of its glaring ugliness and the ugly truth is an innocent man was senselessly killed by not just the kids that had imbibed a lot too much but the parents that allowed these kids to engage in the illegal massive consumption of alcohol. If you have a problem with me highlighting this so that other kids reading this will get the message and hopefully change their behaviour then the shortcoming of character and lack of compassion is yours. there is nothing that I can say or do to undo this horrible event but what I can do is communicate the need for parents to act responsibly and kids to wake up to the horrors of drinking and driving. If I can wake up 1 parent or 1 child to the truth of this then I may have saved a life. THAT is my moral responsibility to my fellow man and it is born of love for my fellow man and not of hate. You are obviously too young and immature to understand this now but with maturity will come understanding. I post my comments with the hope of saving future lives not yet lost. What have you done to help?

    1. Cindy says:

      All my children have graduated college and are out in the work world, so I am not so young AND definitely not immature. I raised my children much like you did. I did not allow drinking at any parties at my home, kept an awareness of where they were when they were out and, also like you, took the opportunity to drive home the point that life doesn’t give us any do-overs, no second chances and often never an opportunity to right a wrong. There is NEVER an exception allowing anyone under the age of 21 to consume alcohol. I will apologize for mistaking your passion for anger, however it is so easy to misinterpret the written word and some of yours are quite strong. Remember the saying, “it’s not WHAT you say, but HOW you say it”. So please don’t think for a moment you are “helping” anyone by what you are writing. At this point in this horrible chain of events there are parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers and many friends who are trying to get through this moment, this day and many more to come Don’t lose your passions but just please be mindful in what you say for the sake of those who’s hearts will never heal.

      1. Truth says:

        The time for plying nice and mollycoddling these recalcitrant kids is OVER! Too much carnage, too much loss of innocent lives and too many lives snuffed out before they have even truly lived. I dont care if my comments are not in line with what you think they should be. the truth is the truth and we have spent far too much time worrying about hurt feelings while our children are dying! Get a grip, suck it up. If these kids want to be accepted as adults, it is time to start treating them like adults and the harsh reality is 4 people are dead and all you are concerned about is how I choose to drive that fact home. I choose to drive that fact home with the seriousness of conviction that it deserves!

      2. callie says:

        CIndy, you are incorrect. 21 is the legal age to procure alcohol, not drink it. That’s regulated by state, not federal law. The mother who hosted this party absolutely broke state law, by allowing underage attendees to consume it, and she should absolutely be charged with a crime. I agree with “Truth” to the extent that it is not my job as a mother to be my kids’ friends–they have enough friends. They need guidance to get through life. My heart does go out to Ms. Walker’s grandparents, because I can’t imagine their pain. And as for the other driver being impaired, it just shows that people of all ages can make mistakes.

    2. colliemom says:

      Excellent comment. All we can do now is try to hammer home to the other drinkers out there that this is a hard lesson in reality; drinking and driving ends up this way. Those who defend this situation, saying it’s wrong to make any statements linking behavior to outcome, are encouraging others to do the exact same thing. You can love the sinner, but not the sin. If anything good can come out of this tragedy, it is the hope that it might smack some of these partiers upside the head and convince them not to drink and drive. Your comments may very well help someone, by helping them to realize they shouldn’t drink and drive; it certainly isn’t helping to prevent future events like this when others say “there, there, sweetie, this was an accident”. It’s no accident when someone drives impaired and causes such great tragedy.


    Regardless of age, how about just NOT driving the WRONG way down a one way street??? Anyone consider that??? Maryland has, hands down, the WORST drivers I have EVER seen. Police driving around, 20 mph OVER the posted speed limit, talking on cell phones and not using turn signals. It’s unfathomable! I see it every day.
    I used to work on RT50 and would see people driving on the wrong side every day. You do know that there are signs right??? Do Not Enter and Wrong Way?? Wake up and drive MD. It’s no wonder our insurance rates are through the roof!

    1. Wow says:

      Really? Apparently you haven’t been to New York or New Jersey.

      1. NOTAMARYLANDER says:

        I have been to BOTH and LIVED in both NY and NJ. Maryland drivers are the WORST….including CA.

  18. Wow says:

    Regardless, where you are from has nothing to do with this crash or why it happened. It could have been a driver from anywhere, this could have happened anywhere.

  19. sad sara says:

    thank you for that because this has nothing to do with how bad our drivers in md are. and your insurance rates maybe through the roof but i can tell mine are not and i am not that old either. yes this is a tragedy and yes lots of people are hurt over this and yes everyone has an opinion. BUT NO ONE HERE ESPECIALLY ME ARE NOT ON HERE TO GET SYMPATHY FROM PEOPLE WE DO NOT KNOW. if i want sympathy i will call my dad like i have been every day since this happened being that i grew up with the rose family. just remember how you would feel if it was your son or daughter in that car and you came across and read all this trash being posted. i am not saying who was right or wrong but this is not the time to throw blame around there is enough suffering and pain being felt by all in this. regardless if its the truth or if you looked up these kids driving records (cause you have no life)this has been a great loss for many. so please tread lightly


    This happened IN the state of Maryland correct??? How is it that the poor quality of driving in Maryland “has nothing to do w/ it”? I’m not saying that there are not fatal auto accidents in other states. I’m simply stating that this particular incident MIGHT have been avoided (where an innocent person was KILLED) if the majority of drivers in THIS state were less negligent behind the wheel. Start paying attention to what you are doing behind the wheel! Get off your phone, use your turn signals and look for other vehicles. Look for and actually READ the posted signs on the roadways you are traveling down.
    THIS is what has caused this tragic incident. POOR driving and POOR driving instruction.

    1. JR55 says:

      You are a complete and total idiot your claims have no base and or so far off from anything that makes any sence. What a bottom feeder you are.

  21. Heartfelt Comment says:

    I knew Brittany when she was little, she came to my parents house often with my sister. She was at my engagement luau… a BEAUTIFUL girl and very smart! This is an awful tragedy for all of the victims in this crash. People who have mean comments … please keep them to yourselves…I read some of the posts on the site, and they are just plain mean. We were all teenagers once, and we have no idea what happened in this horrible accident, but the families of ALL 4 victims need to heal and do not need any negative comments about what happened. Brittany was a wonderful girl, and I’m sure her friends were also great people. The same goes for the sigle person driving the other car. We can just hope that everyone…teens as well as irresponsible adults will learn from this, because we never know what can happen in a blink of an eye. I plan to attend Brittany’s wake/funeral. Please just pray for their families who have to deal with this diffucult time.

    1. Truth says:

      There was only one victim. His name was Terry Wayne Davis age 55. The others are criminals guilty of vehicular manslaughter at best and 2nd degree murder through negligence at worst. just because you knew them changes nothing of the reality that occurred. I knew ll three of these kids. they were friends of my kids and up until the events of Saturday night I too thought of them as “good kids” but the moment they chose to put their selfish need to have a good time above the safety and security of their fellow man they ceased being “good kids” and became part of an ever growing problem. If you think that is insensitive of me then fine. Sometimes the truth needs to be put out there in a brutal fashion so that these kids wake the heck up and see the damage they are causing. We too will be at the wake and will be mindful and respectful of our thoughts keeping everyone that has passed away in our prayers but this is a public forum and these discussions however painful need to be engaged in so that other readers including yourself will begin to understand the grave seriousness of your actions and in future my prayer is that we wake young kids up and stop the carnage. I am no longer interested in playing nice with these kids. This hit WAY too close to home for us and I have been dealing with grief stricken kids including my own since this tragedy occurred.

      1. JR55 says:

        Too put it plain and simple TRUTH! You are such a busy body! Bet if someone went deep into your past there would be something to pull out of your closet. I feel sorry for you because you have nothing better to do than pray on people that are at this point down and out and or hurting. No matter what kind of nasty responce you have to my comments you are a sad bottom feeding person it shows in all your off your wall comments I hope you at some point get your anger and hate under control since you claim to be such a great parent and i’m sure you would not want to pass it on because it is truly sad!!!! You have to be lookin into a see through mirror.

      2. sara says:

        truth i would love to know your name so when i am wake i can sadly let these parents know how you really feel about their children and their parenting i will also be glad to tell them all the bashing you have been doing on here i can honestly say since your (perfect) children hung out with these three i doubt that they dont partake in these events so really all this bashing is you talking trash on your own parenting they say that all the negative that people throw out is them being angry at everything you are seeing when you look in the mirror. so take a step back … that innocent man that was murdered was said to be under the influence as well … oops i bet you didnt see that coming… but guess what i am not saying nothing wrong about that i am grieving for my friend and his family and all the family and friends that have lost someone out of this tragedy… its sad that at 23 i feel more mature then you are acting and your kids are almost my age… you sicken me

    2. colliemom says:

      I have posted several comments here because I hope that friends of the teenagers who died will do some hard thinking about their behavior and real life consequences and hopefully prevent further crashes. From the tone of their contents, I suspect they will probably honor their friends by ….. going to a party and getting drunk. Or maybe drinking to their memory. I hope parents and friends will keep a close eye on all the teens affected, as I think they are at signficant risk to do the very same thing. They seem to have no idea that it is wrong to drink and drive, doesn’t matter how “nice” the person was. “We were all teenagers once” – what does that mean? That it’s okay to drink and drive if you’re a teenager? Great; clearly nothing learned from this.

  22. JR55 says:

    TRUTH = Complete LOSER ! Hope this person gets mental help! They need it ! What a heartless person !

    1. colliemom says:

      JR55 – Truth is an honest adult who is making a heartfelt effort to reach out to other teens involved in this party lifestyle. Your responses suggest that you are part of the very group she is trying to help. You should be grateful that there are adults who do care about teens safety. Instead of addressing the real issue on these posts, that drinking and driving is irresponsible, you want to whine that others are mean because they are addressing behavioral choices that led to multiple deaths. Now you can attack me – because you resent anyone who is simply stating the truth. No one is attacking the teens involved; but we are trying to foster discussion of choices that led to these deaths, and how different choices might save others in the future. I’m sure these people all had exposure to education on drinking and driving, but chose to drive anyway, regardless of their and other’s safety. That’s the question to address; why do teens drink and drive, and then blame others when these crashes happen? This is a teachable moment – right now, when the pain is fresh and raw; if teens can connect this pain with the act of drinking and driving, perhaps that connection will save other lives in the future. Whining and name calling, insulting others achieves nothing; intelligent discussion might.

  23. Joe says:

    I 100% agree with you ,I understand the point your trying to get across but some people choose not to get that or understand that. Kids need to wake up life is not a game they need to takeit more seriously . I just have one question if you knew these kids and they were very good freinds of your kids, then why make them kind of comments about them ??

  24. Bigbob says:

    After all the sobbing, ballons, teddy bears, etc are placed on the highway & they’re all buried, the only thing learned will be the heartache by the families involved. Kids will never understand the seriousness of these events because they lack the experience in life & the ability to make rational decisions at their ages. The parents are derelict & allowing them out at that hour while still living at home is sheer craziness & laziness. Yeah, the girls was a “Good girl” & had a nice smile which can mask a lot of cover up deficiencies in character.

  25. Heather Fleegle-Williams says:

    First off, these “kids” as everyone is calling them are only teenagers in a chronological sense, otherwise they were ALL ADULTS! No amount of curfews are going to hold an adult to their beds after 11pm unless enforced by a court of law. Secondly even the idea the alcohol could have been a contributing factor is enough to say she was NOT such a good “kid” although it was an ADULT behind the wheel of that car …not a child. SHe very well may have been a good KID but as an adult…not so much. She not only devastated her family but the family of 3 other people. I don’t feel bad for her in the least, her decisions are what caused this. I feel deeply and horribly for her family having to deal with the knowledge that she chose to drive like this. There is NO WAY on this earth that you can drive the wrong way on rt 50 for more than 10 ft and not realize it! Or did she live in England just last week where you drive on the left side of medians and jersey walls? Chances are, she died on impact meaning no pain where-as the driver of the other car, who seems to have been lost in all of this “she was such a good kid” stuff indeed suffered a horrific death thru no fault of his own. He was doing nothing wrong, he was not driving on the wrong side of the road, he had not just left a party and didn’t have mind enough to NOT endanger others with his own bad choices. Whether or not she was drunk matters not a lot. As a matter of fact, if she was NOT drunk, she was even dumber than I would initially thought. Because if she was not impaired and chose to do this consciously….WOW ….just WOW! That would in my mind be murder of 3 innocent bystanders.

    1. Iluvyaserj Ohellyes Sipes says:

      well said

  26. Mary says:

    What has become of us?

    I am saddened by so many of these comments. What is wrong with you people? I’m a mother of 2 small kids and can’t imagine them growing up in this world of pure hatred and lask of empathy for others. I pray for ALL the people involved in this accident as well as the family and friends who loved them. Pleae ….. I beg you people to stop and think before you post again!!

  27. JR55 says:

    I must say I have never in my life seen such bottom feeders like Truth,colliemom, Your comments are quite selfish and you know nothing about how any of these victims familys feel or what they are going through with your off the wall comments you only show you dont care for anyones feelings but your own. Hope you get the hate and anger under control. I will pray for you both because you really need it. Why not try to help your fellow man instead of trying to hurt them with your verbal BS.

  28. Sal P says:

    Please everyone needs to remember that someones loved one(s) were lsot. Anyone can all speculate as to what happened that night but the truth is that is was a horrible tragedy. May I also remind everyone “Those free of sin cast the first stone”. I know that many who are posting hurtful things probably has done something in their life that they would like to take back and have thanked God that something worse could have happened. Let us reflect on the fact that their were lives taken way to soon. Please be respectful to those that are greiving. Stop, think, and remember your past or the past of a friiend soemthing you could have said or done for someone you know. May the victims find everlasting peace in the final destination. Pray for those whom are grieving, allow for the processing to be completed. Just take a moment and think about that. God Bless

  29. mofo says:

    Remember, that God didn’t take these lives, they were taken of their own free will & exercised poor judgement resulting in their deaths & the death of an innocent man whom they didn’t even know. No, I seriously doubt that they are in heaven looking down but more like hell looking up.

    1. sara says:

      this innocent man wasnt so innocent he was also under the influence so double check your fact before bashing people you dont know

      1. peter o neil says:

        Sara, STFU Turdlet.

    2. liveinlove says:

      Heaven or hell is determined by whether a person believes (puts their trust) in Christ alone to save them (John 3:16, 36, etc.).

  30. Cincy says:

    Why must we point fingers at who to blame….. Really??? What should be focused on is the four peoples lives that were lost in this tragedy and sending prayers to their families and friends…. there is no point to pointing to who and what to blame…. my hear breaks for each of these lives lost including their families and friends

    1. Mary says:

      Thank God for a voice of reason …… Cincy.. about time someone with some clarity and sense.

  31. Lisa Russell-Hazen says:

    You hear that? That’s the sound of soap boxes crushing under the weight of the know it alls who insisted they knew the facts before the facts were actually released. Well hold on to your magic 8 balls “ass”umers because an important update has surfaced. So let’s break it down for those who like the “truth” shall we? Teens were intoxicated-FACT. Mr Davis was intoxicated-FACT. So, the “adult” in this wasn’t so “innocent” after all and Miss Walker isn’t the murderer (at the very least manslauterer) of the helpless innocent. Had Mr Davis not been intoxicated himself he could’ve saved the lives of three teens and himself-just like the dozens of non intoxicated people calling 911 that were alert enough to not only pay attention to what’s ahead of them and noticing someone was coming at them the wrong way, but to also have the time and presence of mind to move themselves out of harms way saving themselves and 3 teens who took a wrong turn somewhere/somehow to end up going the wrong way on a barely traveled highway at nearly half passed 3 in the morning. Seems the one person who could’ve been the adult in this, actually really wasn’t. Chronological age isn’t always indiciatve of maturity after all-much like conclusion jumping isn’t indiciatve of intelligence-no matter how much you “think” you know . So, my prayers (as i’ve said before) are with ALL those involved in this tragic accident (yes, i said ACCIDENT) and their families. Further my prayers are also with the stone throwers sitting at their computers inside their glass houses.

    1. JR55 says:

      Thank You So Much Lisa I could not have said it any better!!!!!

  32. JR55 says:

    Mr. Davis was drunk to!!!! Now your comments look real stupid TRUTH ! As I said people should just shut there mouths when they have no clue what they are talking about!!!!!!

    1. A voice says:

      And yet somehow he still ended up on the correct side of the road. You can’t go blaming him for causing the crash. I noticed a comment further up saying that he should have seen the headlights further up and tried to move out of the way. Who’s to say he didn’t? I notice many of you defending the girls yell at people saying we weren’t in the car with the girls and now you’re just as happy to jump in the car with the man and say he did nothing to prevent the accident. I still think Truth’s points are valid. S/he is pointing out a problem in our culture where people believe they are above the law and allow very reckless things to happen. And yes, as it has come out that the 55 year old was intoxicated as well, then Truth’s words can be applied to him as well. The point remains that many many many people, Brittany and her passengers as well, made VERY poor decisions that night. And yet, only one car was going the incorrect direction. For miles. I am sorry you lost your friends but maybe someone should have been taking keys at both events. All of Truth’s points about drinking and driving are still perfectly applicable in this case. People need to THINK and take RESPONSIBILITY for their actions. And it is obvious that did not happen.

      1. ballsohardclub says:

        People after a certain number of drinks lose the ability to make rational decisions. The owners of that house where the party was held should have taken the keys plus they should be held partially responsible for underage drinking.

      2. A voice says:

        I actually agree with you. Most of my anger is directed at the ones who hosted the party and did not take enough proper measures to ensure that those unable to drive did not get behind the wheel. As I wasn’t there, I won’t say that they didn’t take any measures but since Brittany and the other two girls managed to get out, it is clear not enough was done.

  33. Rebecca says:

    Tragic error. My inlaws almost got on 50 the wrong way coming back from the rennisaince festival. They are responsible adults, impeccable driving records and were sober. The people commenting are just perfect, just like Brittany was before her mistake. When their error is broadcasted for everyone to comment and say hateful things, their time will come to be blasted by their peers. RIP Brittany, her friends and Terry, the older man. Im sure the holier than thou people will have nothing nice to say with their skeletons packed away in their closets, hidden.

  34. liveinlove says:

    The event that happened is tragic, for every soul included directly or indirectly. Many of these postings are irrelevant and serve no purpose for the greater good. The only judgement that is true is Gods, for he is the only one who knows all. Its important as a community to show your support, because at the end of the day, four lives were lost. To be proactive in this situation, don’t cast a stone. Instead, lets take better measures to make sure EVERYBODY is better educated about the consequences that can occur. This story can touch many people’s hearts and prevent future accidents. Don’t dwell in negative thoughts but instead in positive ones that can shape our future.

  35. happyjack says:

    This story will fade faster than a fart in the wind except for the dead’s families.

  36. Lisa says:

    Apparently Brittany had her colon removed when she was 12 from ulcerative colitis, which means that she either had a j-pouch or she wore a colostomy bag. I know what was going through her mind with the speeding, drugs, and reckless behavior because I had the same thing happen to me when I was her age. She had a death wish. She didn’t want to be alive and she was tempting death as a way to get some control over her life. She was killed doing the same stuff I used to do while I was trying to “accidentally” kill myself because of the colostomy bag I had at 19. Too bad she took three other people with her. She’s at least the fourth young person with a colostomy bag I’ve heard about who’s died from car accidents, suicide, or drug overdoses.

  37. happyjack says:

    Lisa, Having a colostomy bag is not the end of life as most young would think. Your small intestine can be attatched directly to the rectum unless the rectum is diseased. Your stools will be runny & not firm like having gone through the large intestine. Wearing a colostomy bag actually has advantages as you can “Irrigate” you colon each day to make bowel movements & stay fresh. Another is if you have an attack of bowel movements, you will never have to wait in line for the ladies room or men’s. I’ve had one going on 15 yrs now.

  38. Learn Live and Forgive says:

    I am the partner of 31 years of Terry Davis who was killed in this tragic event
    I have been holding my toungue untill I knew more of what happened.
    Let me just say that I do not condone driinking and driving in any way, But my partner waited until he felt he was in control, he was a big guy and even though he was intoxiated by legal standards, he made it all the way from Old town Alexadria untill he ran into a car going in the wrong direction…he was with our friends and they would have taken his keys from him or would have made him sleep over if they saw him in any condition (wasted like people at that party say these kids were) that would have put him or anyone else in danger, that is the TRUTH
    Now that the police report has come out and I have read it, people who have commented on here need to know a few things:
    The location where these cars collided on rt 50 there is a “DIP” the road goes down and then up, there is literally no time at 65 miles an hour (what he was doing) and 74 miles an hour (what Brittany was doing) the investigation determined he was in the far right lane (slow lane) and he other car was also in the same lane. My partner’s was hit in the passengers side corner, indicating to the investigators that he did attempt to swerve left to a avoid the collision, but at those speeds two vehicles approach very quiclky upon each other, and due to the dip in the road he could not have seen those headlights comming at him for just but a few seconds.
    alot of comments on here have been hurtfull and outright misinformed,
    I of all people have the right to defend my partner, Brittany the driver of the car was in the wrong, TRUTH , as one person commented there were so many missed opportunities for this to have never happened, the adults and other people at that party have to live with the consequences of their actions or in-action. I feel no HATE for these kids in any way, BUT I do want people to know how I FEEL , this car could have hit any of those cars she came up on, would it have been any different if she had hit and killed someone who had not been drinking at all..NO !!! Britanny was still responsible for her actions and she paid the ultimate price, I morn for her and her friends and her Family, But few people have disrespected My partner and I , and our Family
    SO as I try to pick up my life and move on I just had to say this and let everyone on here know what happened

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