BALTIMORE (WJZ)— A car crash, a stolen police car and a wild getaway attempt–all part of the chain of events that led police to shoot and kill a man in a parking lot. Now police have identified the 26-year-old suspect.

Monique Griego has new information about what happened.

The violence ended at the Patapsco Village Shopping Center in Baltimore City, where police shot and killed a man– 26-year-old Monpeet Chona of Baltimore– after they say he stole a cruiser and threatened an officer.

“Yeah, it woke me up,” said Courtney Seymer, who lives nearby. “The crime’s getting worse and worse around this neighborhood. I just think it’s crazy.”

Police say it started a few miles away around 2 a.m. when a Baltimore County cop tried to pull over a driver without his headlights on the Beltway.

He fled and crashed near I-95, and then things got really heated.

“He began to engage the officer and fight.  According to county police, the suspect told the officer that he has a gun and he will shoot the officer,” said Anthony Guglielmi, Baltimore City police spokesman.

Somehow, police say he managed to steal the police car and drove it to a Motel 6.

Minutes later, police saw an SUV speed out of that parking lot with several people inside, including the guy who stole the police cruiser. They pulled it over and say somehow that man got in the driver’s seat and drove away, while police were putting the others in custody.

Police did recover some surveillance video from a bar and restaurant near the Motel 6. The owner says they asked him not to share it with the media.

Investigators say next their suspect headed to Annapolis Road and then to Patapsco Village Shopping Center, where it all ended. He died in police gunfire.

Three Baltimore County officers shot their weapons along with one officer from Anne Arundel County.

It’s unknown how many shots went off and unclear whether the suspect was armed.

“They don’t know what’s on this man’s mind, although they maybe could have done it a little better if they didn’t see any weapon in this man’s hand,” said Solomon Chatman, who lives nearby.

Baltimore County Police say they did not chase the suspect. They say they used other methods to keep track of him after their initial encounter.

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  1. Dave says:

    Another day in Charm City.

    1. woolyveganish says:

      the comments in thread , I’m noticing are reaction heavy in ego . though the first few ,I see some truth in meaning,but as Dan & Jack start with name calling /insults -it invites more. That may have been what happened that day. If people would stop reacting to ego centricities and respond instead with thought . more positives could grow{has been my own lesson as of late].

  2. NoBody says:

    You mean cHARM CITY … I can’ty wait to hear how good this suspent was and how he was getting ready to do something with his life story.

    1. Laverne says:

      My baby was a good boy. He didn’t mean to harm anyone or steal a police car. Those bad police men misunderstood his intentions. He was scared of them bad police.

  3. Mary Scott says:

    Don’t commit the crime if you can’t do the crime. Everyone knows the consequences for crime in the U.S. You steal a police car, you must know they will shoot “at” you. It’s a game of hit and miss.

    1. TALK ABOUT IT says:

      they got cable tv were he is going, education, meals, hospital,,,,stealing a police car, what a dumb cop,,,,,keys left in car, car still on, cops are stupid/ignorant=LOSERS

      1. dan says:

        Laverne and Talk about it
        Both of you are idiots you need to open your eyes. bunch of stupid people blaming the cops because the he stole a police car. You both need a education.

      2. jack says:

        @Talk About It
        If you paid attention you would realize that the police officer was pulling over the man for a traffic violation. You are suppose to leave the car on and you are calling the cop dumb, like you are one to talk!

  4. Laverne says:

    Hmmm, I don’t think this guy is getting cable television or a free education.

    HE IS DEAD. Police shot him dead as a door nail.

  5. Beth Ander Vargas says:

    Omg! I work just minutes away from that shopping center and pass it all the time. I think i am going to stop taking 95 which is crazy as it is.

  6. he had it coming says:

    @ Talk about it

    Your an f-ing moron……the officer was pursuing a vehicle that wouldnt stop, then the guy wrecks and bails out, the police dont waste time to stop, take out the keys, put on the e-brake and lock it up tight, its a police car, its common sense, most people with any sense dont steal them or F with them…..

    The only one who is stupid here is YOU….it’s WHERE he is going, not WERE!!!! Stop spending all day on the internet in your parents basement and go finish high school or get your GED, LOSER!!!!


    GOOD!!! he deserved it, failed to stop, crashes a car and then flees the scene (hit n run), assaults a police officer, steals a police car, continues to flee from the police, steals another car with occupants inside (carjacking), rams several police cars and gets out and threatens he has a gun…..hmmm yep I think ‘ol Monpeet Chona had it coming!!!!!!!!

  7. Sheriff M says:

    I agree with “had it coming”, this fool got what he deserved, thank you bmore county, aa county and city police for one less piece of garbage our tax dollars have to house and feed at hagerstown!!!!

  8. Samantha says:

    Wow! im in complete shock!! i cant beilive some bad choices got your killed boo! Ill miss your crazy ass!

  9. ron says:

    now look at this stupid white boy, steal a police car and think he wasnt going to get shot lmao, what a dummy

    1. Steven Spiegel says:

      He dont look White to me . I cant believe that the shot his ass without having a weapon! If someone broke in our homes and we shoot them they better have a gun! But i guess cops can shoot who they want when they want. I guess when he beat that cops ass and stole his crusier he was going to die on way or another. Its a shame that a 25 tr old man had to die in this.He should have got a nice long jail sentaence he might have got out of jail a decent grown up.and contributed to society.

      1. dusk says:

        Get real! He made his choices, he paid with his life. Do you know the whole story? Were you a witness to it? If not, then stop making asinine assumptions about what happened. At any point this young man could have stopped and given up, but he continued to flee. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY!

  10. Foodawg says:

    Its amazing how everyone is talking about this like they know all the facts or information that the officers had. The guy made the choice not to stop with over 50 police cars behind him and two of his tires gone. Then he pointed something out the window at an officer and rams his car into another. All he had to do was, stop. Just like everyone else has done when the police pull us over. He caused this, not the police that were doing there jobs. Darwinisum is proven again.

  11. Sylvan Finkelstein says:


  12. teresa says:

    Well the police were doing what they were trained to do …..SHOOT TO KILL! And No one will really hear the other side of the story becasue Tony is gone. Well something must have snapped becasue this was not the Tony that I met. And to all of the people that say he deserved it……WELL I GUESS YOU WOULD BE THINKING DIFFERENTLY IF THIS WAS YOUR FAMILY OR A FRIEND!!!!!RIP Tony

  13. Samantha says:

    WOW!!! Really actually he was Arab! I cant even beilive how people are acting! No one deserves to die! Im not saying his actions were right and im not saying he was perfect because none of us are. but for all you people saying he deserved it sit back and think about this, what if this was your son, husband, boyfriend, uncle, or friend, your option would be different! Tony had a heard shell but he was a sweetheart! Rest in peace boo!! youll be missed!

  14. Sipping my fluorides says:

    Just remember though, it’s going to be no fun when that rabbit has the gun. You could be next. And ppl here in the comments section will rail you out too for being a “dumbA**”. I’m all for shooting someone when your life in endanger but today the cops seem to just be shooting first and covering it up later. Don’t film the people or we might have to taser you for knowing the true facts.

    400 camera around the Pentagon on 911 and we can’t get but two frames? Get real and wake the hell up you sheep.

  15. carol says:

    for one he was indian not arabic… yes he might have made bad choices but certainly did not need to die this way… have some sympathy people

  16. no tears here says:

    @ carol

    Sympathy…..really? Why….? He made his bed (well dirt nap), now he has to sleep in it!!

    I dont sympathize for people who have no regard for the law, the olice or the safety of those around him…..what if ‘ol Monty hit a relative of yours and killed them while he was running from the police….would it be the same? Would it just be “oh he made some bad choices, lets have sympathy”

    Gimme a break…this is darwinism at its finest!!! this punk got what he deserved…

    Rule #1 Dont run from the police
    Rule #2 Dont fight the police
    Rule #3 Dont steal a police carl
    Rule #4 Dont threaten the police with a gun

    If you break any of the above rules, you deserve whatever you get and have no one to blame but…YOURSELF!!!!