By Bernadette Woods

After hitting 70 degrees earlier this week, there is a taste of winter in the air Saturday night.

A weakening, very strung out storm is inching across Maryland Saturday night. As the moisture arrives, it is encountering an air mass where colder air is seeping down from the north and battling the warm air already in place. That colder air is just cold enough to produce snow in Western Maryland out through Hagerstown, while changing rain over to snow for northern parts of Maryland that lie farther to the east.

This snow is falling on ground that has been very warm lately. So in many cases, the snow is just melting on the black top but laying on grassy surfaces, cars, and trees. However, as the sun sets and temperatures drop down close to freezing, it will be easier for some of the snow to lay on roads, maybe creating some slippery driving conditions overnight. We are not looking for huge accumulations. There could be a coating – 1″ for most of the Baltimore metro area, 1-2″ for northern Harford/Cecil/Baltimore Counties back through Allegany County. There could be another inch or so in the mountains out west.

This storm will move away Sunday. Clouds will mix with some sunshine and temperatures will climb to the mid 40s. However, we are going below freezing Sunday night again. That could make for some icy spots on the roads by Monday morning.

Dry, mild weather returns for Monday and Tuesday with highs in the 50s. Another storm will swing through Wednesday. It will knock our highs down to around 40 degrees with some clouds and maybe some showers. When this storm gets out of here for the second half of the week, temperatures will start climbing once again.

Hey teachers, students and parents of students! We have a date for our 5th annual Weather Field Trip Day at Camden Yards – Wednesday, May 23. It’s become such a fun and exciting day that you don’t want to miss.

Click here to find out more about it.

  1. ammori says:

    Let’s see – giant ice storm last week, knocked smolat 200,000 people’s power out in our region. Ice melted. Blizzard Friday, 18 inches of snow, running into this morning. Daytime high of 0 F, with windchills well below, oh and 7 more inches of snow expected today. Yup, winter. We live out where there isn’t much plowing – we’re on the county line, so two counties both deny our road is their responsibility 😉 – my neighbors who live halfway up the extremely steep hill that begins our road (we live on the other side, at the bottom, right before the next steep hill) routinely have motorists who can’t make it up over the hill come knocking on their door because they’ve driven into a ditch. I’m hoping things stop so we can attend our synagogue Chanukah dinner tonight, but we’re set to stay in. Like Greenpa, I need now cross country skis. But hey, I’m not complaining – we’re happy here, we do fine without power, and then it is supposed to be sunny for two whole days before the next ice storm on Wednesday ;-).I remember being romantically involved with a guy from VA, and how all of DC shuts down when there are a couple of inches of snow. I used to say that they were as unprepared for winter (even though it happened every year) as most of us in the northeast were for extremely hot summer temps (which also happen every year). A friend of ours from Seattle observed with mock pride that his city was completely unprepared for either one ;-).Sharon

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