Well, here’s what’s left of that storm from the Midwest.  Not much, huh?  It not only weakened significantly like expected, but ran into some very dry air over Maryland.  There are still a few showers scattered about on radar that will last into the evening hours.  Then the storm will move away, taking all the rain showers with it.

Despite the clouds around Tuesday, temperatures have climbed way above average again Tuesday afternoon.  We are topping out in the low/mid 50s.  Meanwhile, the average has climbed…but only to 45 degrees.  The air following this storm will continue to be mild.  We expect highs close to or in the 50s the next few afternoons.

There is another storm moving our way Wednesday night into Thursday.  This one will also have warm air with it, so it’s mainly going to be a rain event.  It gets out of here by Friday.  The winds will be picking up Friday and Saturday behind this storm.  Then, our attention is focused on the possibility of another storm Sunday.  It will move out of the Rockies and track along the Deep South later this week.  There is a chance it turns up the coast and affects us.  Of course, we will watch this and keep you updated.

Have a good one!


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