HYATTSVILLE, Md. (AP) — A large crowd is waiting outside a Maryland mall to buy a new Nike basketball shoe and authorities say one person has been arrested.

Hyattsville police spokesman Sgt. Chris Purvis said Friday that one person was arrested for disorderly conduct outside The Mall at Prince George’s. At 7:15 a.m., Purvis said about 150 people remained outside the mall in hopes of buying the $220, limited-edition Nike Foamposite Galaxy shoes.

Purvis said people began gathering at the mall on Thursday. He said the group was told that night that the mall had canceled the release of the shoe, causing some people to leave. He said other people have since joined the crowd.

In Orlando, Fla., a newspaper reports that officers broke up an unruly crowd waiting to buy the new shoe.

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  1. ballsohardclub says:

    Most of these people don’t make much $$, some on welfare yet they squander away $200+ on a pair of sneakers that some blind slanty eyed Chinamen made for a $1.50 ea…….Priorities!!!!…Would they spend $200 on books for college? probably not as they endorse the life of crime & get rich quick or die trying.

  2. nvdlsed says:

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