HAGERSTOWN, Md. (AP) — Four correctional officers have been disciplined following two disturbances in a single night at a state prison in western Maryland.

The Herald-Mail of Hagerstown reports that both disturbances occurred Feb. 18 at a prison south of Hagerstown. A spokesman for the state Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services says one of the incidents involved an assault on an officer and the other involved inmates who were in a locked recreation hall and became disruptive.

The department says in a statement that some officers were found to have used excessive force and violated policy and procedures. Four officers have either been placed on administrative leave or reprimanded. Some inmates have also been transferred out of the prison.

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  1. MD Resident says:

    Once again, the prisioners have more rights than the prison guards!

  2. Anjai says:

    Once again we have GUARDS and not professional officers probably failing to act as professionals but instead acting like swin guards. Professional officers can still enforce rules, take no bullshyt and get the job done. Swine guards make prisons UNSAFE for all.

    If you don’t know….don’t speak. I know.

  3. Geno says:

    Anjai, u were probable a CONVICT at one time and have nothing nice 2 say about CORRECTIONAL OFFICERS. COs r always outnumbered yet they come 2 work everyday not knowing if they will b going home that night…they r way underpaid but perform their duties 2 the best of their abilities..n I KNOW TOO..been there..done that 4 20yrs..taking care of CONVICTS getting 3 hots n a cot…free meds n medical attention…education is provided and yet they keep comin back 2 prison..figure that out..so, i am speking n u can STFU.

    1. jailer1985 says:

      AMEN Geno, tell it like it is and yes I have been there and done it too 20 yrs at the old Md Pen, not that new baby coddling jail the real deal, back when it was worse than any there is in Md now

  4. Storm says:

    There are not GRARDS working inside prisions today. You should know what you are talking about before you speak. I am sure you wouild not be able to do a months inside a prison babysitting second class citizens, you can’t imagine what it is like. So before you go saying bad things you do a month inside and then you will have first hand knowledge.

  5. Storm says:

    These Officers should be given medals and I certainly hope they kicked $##$$. Convicts get away with just about anything because the do gooders complain all the time, just one call to headquarders and #$$$# flows down hill regardless of what actually happened. The state should put convicts out on a farm growing food to feed all convicts sitting around on their @#^% while tax payers money keeps them in the best of the best of everything.

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