BALTIMORE (WJZ)– First, federal agents announce they would begin checking the immigration status of people arrested in Baltimore. Now, the city’s mayor has ordered police not to do the Feds’ work for them.

Alex DeMetrick reports the order is meant to keep communication open between immigrants and police.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is the lead federal agency dealing with illegal immigrants. With an executive order by the mayor, Baltimore police are not to take on that enforcement job.

“Police are working to make our city safe. We are not working as immigration agents,” Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said.

Here’s why:

“We felt a wave of fear begin to envelope the community,” Elizabeth Alex of Casa de Maryland said.

That began with the announcement that people taken to jail in Baltimore will have their immigration status checked by ICE agents.

In Baltimore’s growing Hispanic community, that’s made dealing with police– even a call for help– less certain.

“With this announcement today, we’re hopeful communities will once again regain that trust of the police department, and continue to call them for help,” Alex said.

Under the mayor’s order: No discrimination by police or city agencies against any city resident. The mayor also ordered no city funds be spent investigating civil violations of immigration law.

And questions about immigration status may not be made to start a civil immigration investigation.

The mayor’s order does not stop police from cooperating with federal agents in cases involving undocumented immigrants suspected of criminal activity.

“And the city’s not going to stand in the way of that enforcement,” Rawlings-Blake said.

But it won’t be checking visas for ICE, just to be checking.

The mayor’s executive order is also making a request of ICE, asking them to identify themselves as ICE agents and not simply as police.

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  1. M.A.R says:

    Typical liberal mentality..must take her orders from Napalitino herself. I am a immigrant myself but came here legally. Everyone else must enter the US in a legal fashion. I have worked hard and contributed and do not rely on food stamps or welfare!

  2. Spock says:

    First they do not want to crack down on illegal workers, because the Libs like Obama/Reid/Pelosi and lib mayors like this one want to enslave the Illegals and Hispanics as they do the Blacks now, by making them dependent on Government!.

    Whey do you think they do not want school choice for the poor, they want them indocrinated in the public school system so the NEA who is a tool of the libs san push their agenda.

    Come on now they are pushing Condoms as a right that tax dollars have to pay for, not the individual and they attack anyone who disagrees with them. Look at what they are doing to Rush Limbaugh, when that lawyer supposedly wants to sleep around and have us tax payers pay for her condoms!! he made a mistake comment, (even though true) and they are trying to lynch him, but meanwhile Obama mega-donor calls women ‘boobs,’ ‘bimbos,’ ‘tw*t,’ ‘c*nt’… and not a peep!!

    Support Rush and all Conservatism the which is the Heart and Soul of America, and remove these Radical Left Wing nut jobs from Office. And you Americans of Hispanic decent Do you want Freedom or enslavement?? If freedom vote Conservative!!

    1. larry mayfield says:

      If Rush would make a campaign donation, he could say what he wants also..Deltrasweep also probably feels the same about capital punishment(can’t execte another black until we execute another white)Makes sensed, right? Just like we are quoted about the percentage of blacks in prison. If you do the crime, go to prison. Black or white. Also, does anyone other than those brain washed by the liberal, souros funded, media really believe that California would be so far in the dumper if the taxpayers weren’t supporting half the population of mexico.
      The Big O(obama not Oscar Robinson) this O stands for zero. just came on TV.
      Gonna tell me how good i have it. After he gives his lip service, i will call the bank and ask if i can be late with my mortgage.

  3. Spock says:

    Deltasweep also dont forget non-minorities pay 99% of all taxes!!!

  4. larry mayfield says:

    I vote. Always have, always will. But if the feelings are those expressed here and EVERYWHERE people are talking politics, how the hell are these people still in office?

  5. meeeeee says:

    So what she is just asking the cops what they’ve been doing the whole time, turn away from crime… Reported crime makes the city look bad. Good ol Statistics… If it is not reported it cannot be tracked.

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