ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ)– Maryland made history Thursday night. Gov. Martin O’Malley signed a law allowing legal same-sex marriages in the state.

But as Mike Hellgren reports, opponents are still dead set against it.

The Catholic Church has long been fiercely opposed to same-sex marriage, and when Gov. O’Malley– a Catholic– signed it into law in Maryland after pushing it through the General Assembly, it drew swift rebuke from church leadership.

“The fact that people of faith were just overrun on this whole thing so quickly is what really concerns me,” Cardinal Edwin O’Brien of the Baltimore Archdiocese said.

Not all Catholics oppose the legislation, including Francis DeBernardo, head of a large Catholic ministry that fought for marriage equality.

“We are basically speaking about human beings, and about their inherent dignity and about the fact that their rights and families have to be protected,” DeBernardo of the New Ways Ministry said.

He believes Catholic hierarchy will eventually change their stance, and that more and more Catholics support same-sex marriage.

“Laypeople and theologians see the issue as one of social justice and the bishops view it as one of sexuality,” he said.

“My basic concern is that faith and religion is being seen more and more as a permissible but private eccentricity,” Cardinal O’Brien said.

But what about the governor? How did he reconcile the position of his church with the position in his heart?

“My faith teaches me that human dignity is an important thing and that each of us is a gift from God,” Gov. O’Malley said. “And that’s the faith that I follow.”

Same-sex couples will have to wait until next year to have official services.

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  1. yes says:

    Hey men men and women women NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!

  2. KottaMan says:

    A successful referendum will occur and this forced edict will be overturned. Voters are not the “cowards” that the governor’s wife thinks members of the legislature are who oppose this.

  3. Jeff says:

    If only we could spend the resources spent trying to overturn this bill on something that actually affects everyone instead of worrying about two people who we don’t even know and have no effect on our lives, getting married. We need to focus our energy on stuff that effects us directly like not be able to go to the grocery store wihout spending a 100-200 for a weeks worth of groceries. OR the fact that our paychecks essentially remain the same while our companies we work for increase the profit they make every single year.

    1. William says:

      Social deviance does effect the entire society. It effects families, it effects schools, it effects the penal system, it effects major aspectsof our society – and that is without bringing faith I to the equation. This is like saying why keep drugs illegal when it only effects a minority when in fact drug abuse may afflict few but the consequences are far reaching.

      1. Mom says:

        Exactly how do gay people effect me? Gay people are a part of society, not a deviant of it anymore than vegetarians, deaf people, or blue eyed people named Joe are. They are not the majority, but neither are Catholics, so would that make Catholics social deviants??? Gay people do not cost society money and they in no way endanger society. They do not cost more to educate nor do their children, so how do they effect schools? Equating being gay with drug abuse is insane. Being gay is not illegal, smoking crack is. Most gay people are law abiding tax payers and all they are asking for is the same rights non gay people have.

        I have yet to read a legitimate logical reason why a gay marriage would hurt anyone.

  4. joe says:

    Perhaps Martin O’Malley should shut his yap and worry about balancing his own budget and he should try doing so without raising taxes on the people who work and pay HIS salary as well as the salaries of all public sector employees.

    We are tired of morons and we are certainly tired of O’Malley.

    So there Marty, want to counter attack? Have at it but you know you can’t defend yourself without LYING.


  5. Ellegon says:

    I find it funny that the blacks are against civil rights. Were they not the oppressed at one time. Now they want to be the oppressors. Kind of ironic!!!

  6. right says:

    Just seen a ad in the sun that the catholic church is holding a event where omolly will be the key speaker. They cannot be too mad

  7. Stephanie Dobbins Rameika says:

    Yeah well not everyone is Catholic so but out! You should be more concerned with the fact that the Catholic church has more indicted Priests for child molestation than any other faith!

  8. wheres common sense when you need it says:

    I wish I had the money that will be wasted fighting something that doesn’t make a difference. I have a strong marriage and the fact that two gay people want to get married will never destroy it. In the end, the courts will side with the law, as it did in California, and all that money will be gone! What a waste! To bad the churches don’t take this kind of stand on things that REALLY matter! Freedom for personal region is a must, but forcing that belief on someone else is a crime. People are entitled to a choice, whether you like it or not. As far as I am concerned, we should ban religion if this is the kind of hate they are going to support!

  9. William says:

    Part of the problem is that it is being framed as a civil rights issue…speaking as though itismdignified to choose this type of lifestyle. The fact is that marriage in general is not a right, it is a privilege. It is licensed, it can be denied and it can be revoked – this therefore is not a right but a privilege. Framing it as a civil rights issue tugs on the strings of our society due to the history of our nation, if we framed it properly, honestly (bluntly would even be better), I do not think it would have gotten any traction at all. I hope people act before it is too late for our society.

  10. Mom says:

    Who cares what the Catholic church thinks? Less than 1/4 of Maryland residents are Catholic anyhow. The Catholic church needs to clean up their own house of perverted priests and stop trying to impose their church on the state anyhow. The law will not require them or any other church to marry gay people.

    If you oppose gay marriages, that’s fine, don’t have one, but let others live as they want to as it is NOT illegal to be gay. Gay marriages will not effect you or change your life one bit, gay couples already exist. Your religious views do not need to change, keep thinking being gay is wrong if you want to and I will keep thinking it is wrong to use money from the collection plate to pay lawyers to defend priests.

    We need to remember people used to think marriages between Black & White people were wrong & they were once illegal too, but we have progressed beyond that and society is the better for it.

    Equal rights for all Marylanders and separation of church & state!

    1. hluvliladi says:

      ABSOLUTELY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. the truth says:

      less than 1/4 are?? with catholic churches on every fricken corner and lines of cars coming from them several times a week who you kidding

      1. Mom says:

        According to 2010 Census Bureau figures, 23% or Marylanders are Catholic whereas 56% are Protestants, with Baptist, Methodist & Lutheran being the largest subgroups of that. 4% of Marylanders are Jewish, 11% are non-religious and the remainder other religions such as Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu etc.. Actually Maryland is a little “less Catholic” than the rest of the country. It may just be that the Catholic Church, with its vast tax free riches, puts up more numerous and more noticeable churches. I have no idea why WJZ gives the Catholic Church so much more attention as they are most definitely the minority and the church’s official views do not coincide with those of all its members as there are gay Catholics. To be thorough and fair, WJZ should have contacted other denominations to ask their views. Many other churches have no problem with gay marriages & members. It is important to remember that the law does not effect churches and that Maryland is not a church state.

  11. the truth says:

    let them pass the bill, nothing says churches have to marry them, let them all go to the court house and get married. CLergy are under no obligation to marry anyone even if they are a member of the church, lets see Omalley fix that one now!!!

  12. Anton says:

    Let’s stop calling in same-SEX marriage and call it same-GENDER marriage. I think the work SEX sets off all the alarms.