BALTIMORE (WJZ)—From coast to coast, protesters call for action in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

Kai Jackson has more on the large local protest.

Sanford, Fla. is more than 800 miles from Baltimore but the reaction to what happened has made a national story a local issue.

The streets of downtown Baltimore were flooded with people on Monday. Sky Eye Chopper 13 was overhead as a nationwide protest came to Maryland. They are citizens and activists speaking out about the killing of unarmed teen Trayvon Martin in Florida.

“We can exert pressure on the political forces, we can exert pressure on the system to try and effect social change in Florida,” said protester Rodney Burris.

Many say the change that’s needed is an end to racial profiling. Protesters believe the fact that George Zimmerman shot Martin, who was 17, is endemic of a societal problem that sees young African-American males as criminals.

“I feel like justice should be served, you know? It’s just not right. The boy died for no reason,” said Shannon Elligson.

This rally is one of many happening across the country and activists are trying to get across the point that they believe what happened to Trayvon Martin could happen to anyone—regardless of race—anywhere.

Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer, claims the shooting was self-defense. Regardless, protesters believe Zimmerman should be charged with murder.

“I’m glad that young people are here because they need to understand that their life is of value every day,” said Tessa Hill Aston.

George Zimmerman’s lawyer says his client was only acting in self-defense after Martin hit him and broke his nose.

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  1. tigereon says:

    We can’t have a REAL conversation about race because white America is too afraid on something thinking they are even a little bit racist. They point out how they dated a black girl in school, and have dinner with their black couple friends, but they wont tell you what they think when they pass the projects and see black people walking around with their pants hanging down, and walking down the street when they should be working or at school. Is there such a thing as Part-time Racist?

    1. MrObvious says:

      “because white America is too afraid on something thinking they are even a little bit racist.”
      It’s called White Guilt and not all white people buckle under the social pressure to have it.
      Racism, it’s not just a one way street.

    2. GM says:

      Blacks show more racism and thats a fact. Your comment is stupid. Blacks play the race card for attention. There are many crimes against whites and we dont have rallies to run our big mouths.

  2. W.S says:

    no doubt there will be violence at these events… why the heck are we even doing this? kids get shot everyday..hell right in Baltimore and no one is holding a rally for them… oh wait we are trying to make this about race… my mistake

    1. DRW says:

      Actually, the rally is not simply because a kid was shoot but because a kid was shot and his known killer was never arrested. READ!

      1. DHarri says:

        The information provided to the police by Zimmerman was corroborated by witnesses on seen as to what happened and is why he is free. If it were you most likely you’d expect the police to follow the law and allow you to remain free. The whole thing is unfortunate but at the same time Zimmerman has legal rights as a citizen.

  3. smmrrffy says:

    treyvon martin was the aggressor the truth is coming out! go to for more details. also they made this treyvon like hes a little kid he was 6’foot 4 and 200 pounds it makes a difference.

    1. dj says:

      Trayvon was not 6 foot 4. do not believe everything you hear. Your just trying to justify him being killed. shut up

      1. tdelucca says:

        He was 6’3 190 and still a big adault and I have seen his facebook page photos and he isnt the Angel people make him out to be. Oh and where are you when the kids in Baltimore are being gunned down every day. You are just another Sharpton and jackson Race baiters.

    2. GM says:

      This just gives blacks a reason to get mad, which they love. Just like the riots in 1968 over MLK. That was an excuse to kill, rob and be violent, another thing blacks like.

  4. wise up says:

    I wonder what the appearance fee is for these useless wastes Rev’s Al and Jesse ?

    The unarmed 17-year-old was gunned down by neighborhood watch volunteer??

    where is the other side of the story ?

  5. taxpayer says:

    Haha, I got called a “white trash white privledge mutherf*ing racist” for asking an AA why they were not talking about the reports that Trayvon was the first agressor. Hunting and stalking the victim?! Anybody remember Stephen Pitcarin? Ignorance and hypocracy is the new status quo.

    1. MD mom says:

      Most people around here remember Pitcairn. May he rest in peace and my heart goes out to his family. His murderers were arrested. What’s your point?

      You do realize that Mr. Zimmerman immerman “went door-to-door asking residents to be on the lookout, specifically referring to young black men who appeared to be outsiders,” You missed those articles, didn’t you? That is one of the things that sparked outrage. You don’t stalk someone with a gun (after you are specifically told to let the police handle it).

      Read more here:

      1. taxpayer says:

        Obviously the point is AAs commit almost all of the intraracial crime. Pitcarin was stalked, robbed and murdered because he looked like he might have some cash (white). So this AA sanctimony is BS. There is more hate on their side of the street these days, and their civil right leaders are living in the past.

        Obviously Trayvon is different situation, and you are obviously drunk on the angelic portrayal of him and evil Zim. Go do some more research and let me know what you come up with. Hint…its not an anti-black conspiracy.

  6. ballsohardclub says:

    Yeah, where was the marching in the streets & the President when a young Dr. Steve Pitcarin was stalked, stabbed to death by two useless chocolate drug addicts.

  7. outrage says:

    where are the protests and the rallies everytime another black male is gunned down in baltimore city? where are the witnesses to all these murders? where is the concern from the NAACP and Jesse Jackson?

    1. Richard P. says:

      they would be marching every fricken day, that’s why they don’t do it put that on a sign and walk around

      1. DHarri says:

        That would make Baltimore City the healthiest City ever! yee haw

  8. MyAfroItches says:

    Did the black race and NAACP forget about this??

  9. Duh! says:

    Steve Pitcarin’s murderers are behind bars! George Zimmerman has yet to be arrested!

  10. John says:

    Is there any actual evidence that Zimmerman has committed any crime ? The only witness account I could find was from a bystander who reports observing Martin on top of Zimmerman, pounding his head against the sidewalk. I believe that activity can cause death. Isn’t it possible that the self-defense shooting, while tragic, was justified ?

    1. concerned citizen says:

      All of a sudden this witness call John appear and says he saw marting beating zimmerman, well i smell a rat in that. Cover up by the police. Were is the 911 call he made.

      1. tonybaloney says:

        There’s no pleasing the coons no matter the truth. Black all lie like rugs.

  11. DomesticGoddess says:

    Poor mama, so grieving that she just can’t go on in this racist country. Oh, wait, maybe some money would help ease the pain:

    1. Scotsjock says:

      You hit the nail on the head

  12. JackDaniels says:


  13. wise up Md says:

    hey Pugh..u should be protesting every day with all those black on black murders…..hey Cardin…where were you when Pitcarin was murdered….you’re a total waste….throwing the blacks another bone for votes…..

  14. OMG says:

    Am I next? Are any of my friends and colleagues next?” said Sartarian Montgomery, of Baltimore……..Sartarian, if it happens ‘good chance it will be by another black male’

  15. Mark says:

    Tigereon, You really want to make this racial. You know what I think when I pass the project and see black people with their pants hanging down and walking down the street when they should be at school or work? I think what a pitiful life style…same thing I think when they are white, or Hispanic. Also think there are my hard earned tax dollars at work. What a waste. Stop making excuses for those who refuse to be law abiding, productive members of society and stop hiding behind your skin color as an excuse. I have family in the projects who do not want to work just be slugs of society sucking money from the tax payers. Do not communicate with them and have not for 15 years. Sad but true….just cannot agree with their life style.

  16. DomesticGoddess says:

    What a fine young man that Trayvon was – why, any Mama would be proud!

  17. Mark says:

    I do not know who is responsible for Trayvon Martin’s death. I do know who shot him. Let’s allow the investigation and the evidence to determine what happened there. Al Sharpton and others claim to know, I suggest they provide their evidence to the investigators. They cannot because all they know is rhetoric and how to spew hatred. It must be nice to go through life seeking justice for some, in this case a black youth who was tragically killed. It is very tragic, but justice must prevail for everyone including Zimmerman. If he is found to have committed a crime then he must be brought to justice, if not then justice has prevailed. So
    many times that is hard to accept. I wonder if Trayvon killed Zimmerman in that struggle if Sharpton and others would be marching for justice.

    1. MD mom says:

      Mark – you are right about letting the investigation unfold. However, it is unlikely that Al Sharpton would march on Zimmerman’s behalf. That is not the demographic he “represents” and I use that term very loosely. It would be like asking Rush Limbaugh to March on Trayvon’s behalf if it turns out that he was truly killed for no reason.

  18. ballsohardclub says:

    They be marching in the streets only because the media WJZ13 got them all riled up & now they be having a party the dumb sppks.

  19. DomesticGoddess says:

    OMG – I thought Cardin was dead. Where has he been all these years? Anyhoo, guess Trayvon’s Mama is going to sue this entrepreneur for patent infringement.

  20. DomesticGoddess says:

    BTW – Trayvon’s heartbroken parents never reported him missing! He chilled in the morgue for three days before the ‘rents realized he wasn’t around:

    He was suspended from school for five days (only scattered reports and speculation so far as to why) and was staying with his father and stepmother who lived in that subdivision. Interestingly, though shot a mere block from his home, he was apparently unidentified for three days in the morgue, as his parents did not report him missing.

    1. DHarri says:

      Other reports are saying that he attacked Zimmerman breaking his nose and was banging Zimmerman’s head against the sidewalk which led to the shooting. You won’t hear about that in the Baltimore News though. Just give enough information to keep everyone up in arms it seems to be working for CNN.

    2. MD mom says:

      DomesticGoddess – he was reported missing that morning after he didn’t return. He was identified when the police showed up to the house with a crime scene photo. Check the facts, please.

      1. DomesticGoddess says:

        Check the facts? Seriously? Do you trust the “facts” that you are reading? You people have already given Zimmerman the death penalty in the court of public opinion. Guess you are on this side of the law:

  21. tonybaloney says:

    If Zimmerman’s nose was broken, medical records will be able to substantiate that claim. I wish however they would stop flashing the pic of Martin when he was around 13 or 14 yrs old. The guy was playing football in H.S. , was 6ft & weighed around 200lbs. If that spoonie came after me, I’d have drilled him also.

    1. MD mom says:

      Uh, wrong. He was 6ft and weight 150 lbs. Zimmerman was several inches shorter but weighed over 200 pounds. And had a gun. And was following the kid. He was looking for a fight. Read the transcripts. He said things like ““These a–holes always get away,” and “went door-to-door asking residents to be on the lookout, specifically referring to young black men who appeared to be outsiders,”

      That is why there is so much controversy around him.

      1. tonybaloney says:

        The reason for the controversy is because blacks were the ones committing crime in the gated community. Remember a gated community is paid for by the mostly whites who live there, it’s not a fuc’n government handout.

  22. WHATHHESAY says:

    travon gave up some hair fora brillo pad and his heart to cheny, not a total loss

    1. cHARMcity says:

      hope your kids get strung out on RX pills and have sex with their cousin and die… ignorant TURD.

      1. tonybaloney says:

        Charm city, You need help man & quick U effin fruitcake.

  23. speakthepeace says:

    Wow. Pitiful haters, driven by fear. I feel sorry for you. Thankfully, you are vastly outnumbered by the people of Baltimore who have the courage to stand together. We are one people, Treyvon Martin was every child, and justice delayed for one is justice denied for all. The wheels of justice are turning. Your ignorance and fear will not stop them.

    1. USA BEING DUKED says:


    2. tonybaloney says:

      You get a grip. The reason the public is going viral is because it’s the only way Whites can protest the enoromous number of crimes committed bu urban black youths. Against themselves & against whites. White people are more civilized & therefore are seen as weaker by the black goons……..Bi mistake!

  24. solid citizen says:

    Trayvon was certainly angelic – too bad he didn’t have parents who could raise him effectively

    Quowarranto, B.O.?

  25. Bob says:

    The facts will show that 6’4″ 200lbs black teenager was beating up a 5’10” Latino/ black fat guy,, period! This should I hope embarass all the quick to blame sheep racist protestors!!?

    The real racists are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, who stir up hate at every chance they can.. I wish these two hate mongers would have been shot instead!

    1. cHARMcity says:

      wow… what does size weight have to do with anything… i just seen a 5’5 140lb black guy beat the hell out of another black guy 6’2 250lb guy… I bet I would beat BOB’s big sloopy butt too and I am 6 even 200lbs…

  26. Wilford P Wellington says:

    Why? Why do all of you so called PROTESTORS not Protest when the same thing goes on in B”MORE almost everyday with black on black killings? Just wondering.

    1. cHARMcity says:

      RIGHT….. I bet if this was in bmore it wouldnt have been a rally, and no witnesses…. , poor CHARMCITY….

  27. SallyG says:

    Unfortunately, the kid learned the hard way that when you attack someone who has a gun, you can get shot…and killed! That’s the thing down here in Florida….we can carry guns legally….and you never know who might be carrying one! It could be the little old gray haired lady..she might whip out a gun on the punk trying to mug her! This kid was physically attacking this guy..there were witnesses to it. And it was NOT justified! When the guy asked him who he was, he could have given him a civil answer and they could have both gone on their way without incident! This kid decided to be a tough guy…and where did it get him? Dead, that’s where!

    1. cHARMcity says:

      Sally shut the hell up…. everyones not a push over like you and your family.

    2. IAM4EVERBLESSED says:

      Will u defend Trevor Dooley, the same way you defend Zimmerman? Right is right and wrong is wrong. That’s why I believe Mr. Dooley needs to be in prison with Zimmerman.

  28. vp says:

    something happened and went wrong that night. I am sorry If I am in a situation, were I think, I am in danger and someone might kill me, I have to amit. I will try to kill you before, you kill me. You don’t know who is carry a concealed gun or a knife. This fact is so true with road rage as well… get into a dispute with another driver, you don’t know if they are going to pull out a gun and gun you down… If you don’t want a confutation. Then don’t put yourself in one. Trouble doesn ‘t single out certain individuals.

  29. sameolestuff says:

    Its a sad situation,but why did it take 4 days for the family to view his body,and why is all the media just showing good photos of the kid, take a look at his more recent photos,his actions his drug dealings ,just saying people need to look inside the book instead of looking at the cover and saying he was such a good kid and right away condemning a white guy,not racist but i know a lot of blacks that claim they aren’t but there comments say they are,Right Mr. Sharpton.

    1. GM says:

      The thing that gets me is that blacks say that any of their people are good people, even the worst drug dealers and thugs. None of their mothers think their kids are guilty of any crime either. They seem to think that violence and other crime is just a way of life.

  30. gary says:

    its so funny how these white crackers get on this message board and be so tough. why didnt you attend the march yesterday and voice your opinion of what happen. thats because you are white trash cowards. you so tough go voice your opinion in front of all the people that was supporting the cause. but thats what cowards do, you hide behind message boards and call names. YOU CRACKERS ARE TERRIBLE

    1. Wiseguy says:

      …the natives are getting restless.

    2. Wilford P Wellington says:

      And WHERE ARE YOU? behind the anonimity of your screen. Protest the BLACK ON BLACK killings in B’more, do something worthwhile.

    3. Michael Wasicker says:

      Hey Gary because us “Crackers” don’t want to be around a bunch of animals marching for a cause that they have no idea about. The majority of the animals there have no idea why there even marching. It’s just another reason for you to act out and scream and raise hell. Why would us civilized people try to debate with animals? Why so you all can resort to violence because you don’t like what us “Crackers” have to say? Rodney King is a prime example. You animals could have cared less that Rodney King was beat by police. You just wanted a reason to riot so you could cause kaos, steal, kill, etc.

      1. IAM4EVERBLESSED says:

        Have you ever visited the Appalachians of west virgini,trailer parks in el cajon, ca, South Boston, or staten island? Bad behaviour has nothing to do with race and plenty of white people behave like animals and heathens. Let’s not even reply to trashy people like Michael, he’s prolly an inbred from West Virginia, whose been snorting too much crystal meth, while gulping whole gallons of Mountain Dew and dating his 1st cousin. Yes Im stereo typing, just to show you how ignorant your reply was.

  31. sameolestuff says:

    not cowards,just what would be the sense in voicing your self in front of a group of african americans who probably most of had guns in there possession and would just shoot us and get away with it,take a look at the citys crime statistics who is killing who? who are caught with the weapons,so before u make your racist comments that are typical read some statistics,i’m not bashing anyone just was pointing out the photos that the media isn’t showing cause they dont want to make it a racial issue when it is already,and another reason why i couldn’t be there is cause i work not run the streets robbing people and killing them for a living,take a look at the crime that happens on greenmount and north ave.,all african american doing the crimes why the hell isn’t REV.Al Sharpton running his mouth about that!

  32. Be Careful says:

    2006 Duke Lacrosse was guilty of rape. Everyone knew it, until the weren’t. This is why we dont arrest people based on the limited facts reported by News Agencies and rely on police to investigate.

  33. AN ANGRY MOM says:

    This is so SAD. Sad that people get so opinionated about facts. Sad that the true color of individuals speak volumes. It’s not enough to have a black friend to be able to relate or even empathize. “White America” – ask yourself; if the roles were reversed and they let Trayvon Martin walk free – wouldn’t you want justice. That’s all the Martin Family wants and they do deserve it. To hide behind a BS law that promotes violence and vigilanties is to be a coward. If Zimmerman were so hurt??? Why are we just hearing about it??? This is not the first day this story has been in the news… As a woman, and a mother… I too want justice for him and his family!!! As a white woman raising my son who is bi-racial (Black and White) which means in this society he’s a black man – I want him to understand how change can happen. It happend in the 60’s, it happened in 2008 with the election of President Obama and IT WILL HAPPEN NOW! We must all do our part as human beings (not black or white) to respect ALL HUMAN LIFE!!! THAT IS WHAT I AM TEACHING MY CHILDREN – WHAT ABOUT YOU???

  34. SWashington says:

    Putting aside the race issue what is known is, 1. Zimmerman was told not to follow the subject (he continued to do so); 2. Zimmerman is not registered with ANY neighbohood watch organization; 3. Zimmerman had a gun (neighborhood watch people are not to carry weapons); 4. Two neighbors made 911 calls stating that a child was screaming help; 5. One of the women who called 911 said she saw Zimmerman on top of this kid; 6. They have the conversation from his girlfriend who was on the phone until the phone went dead. This is what should be reviewed, not anything about race or his being suspended from school for whatever.

  35. DomesticGoddess says:

    So if Zimnmerman is a white hispanic, is your President a white Black?

    1. concerned citizen says:

      No, the correct terms is bi-racial you idiot.

      1. DomesticGoddess says:

        You are the idiot:

        Maybe you need to educate your news sources.



  36. Michael Wasicker says:

    Why don’t WJZ report on the 13yr old “White Boy” that was set on fire by black boys? Maybe because WJZ is racist against white people? Why don’t Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton take a stand for this little boy? Why don’t the Black Panther Party put a bounty out on the black boys who did this to this little boy? WJZ why don’t you stop being so racist and report on black and white crimes?

    1. concerned citizen says:

      Because the ones that did that crime were arrested not like zimmerman. Come on man get with the program, if that 13 year old had be black and the other two white it would probalely the same result.

      1. Michael Wasicker says:

        Ok so if Zimmerman was arrested and found to be NOT guilty the blacks would still want to protest or riot. Why do you think the Black Panthers put a bounty on his head? So that someone would just come out and kill him.

    2. tonybaloney says:

      Michael, WJZ-13 is run by Hebrews who are sympathetic to blacks & look at the lineup on that station, nothing but useless big nose coons.

  37. ashley says:

    Everyone keeps referring to the “Whites”. I hope you all know that the man that killed the boy was not “White”!!!!

    1. concerned citizen says:

      What ever the color he needs to be arrested.

      1. ashley says:

        I’m not saying he shouldn’t be arrested, but why turn it into a white against balck thing???

      2. tonybaloney says:

        Why should he be arrested? He had a right to protect himself & this punk coon got snarky with him & broke his nose. Boom, bang bang your dead Monkey & unlike video games, you ain’t coming back.

      3. ashley says:

        @tnybalony…it is white people like you who make every other white person look bad!

    2. tonybaloney says:

      His Daddy was, his momma was hispanic. so he is a chalkie.

      1. tonybaloney says:

        Ashley, You ever live with these filth? When you have, you will side with me. They are all looking for something for nothing & for whitey to pay for it.

  38. racingchick says:

    Why are you people even fighting? if the kid attacked Zimmerman, it’s understandable for him to get shot. if he was just walking, eating his skittles and a shot came outta no where from Zimmerman, yes he should be arrested. you black people calling whites crackers and yall whites calling blacks pigs isn’t going to help the situation, it’s just going to get the world deeper into racial profiling. Nobody knows all the facts yet so don’t fight over the computer screen haha.

    1. Steven Spiegel says:

      Talk about racial profiling . Get a job working construction on presbury st and show up early you will get thown on the street and your vehicle ramsacked by Baltimores finist. White people have lost all our rights if we complain that illegals are taking our livlyhoods away we are racist . Just look around when we complain about anything we are racist.

  39. White Andproud says:

    Why does every time something happens to a N*gger it becomes a “Racial event”-

    Let’s talk about the black race- they perpetrate the highest rate of crimes in the US, have the most persons in jail of ANY race, have the highest welfare usage and in general think that just because the color of their skin resembles the dump I just took a few minutes ago they should receive special treatment.

  40. racingchick says:

    obviously zimmerman has seen other black teenagers walking around so why target him, if he even did? i personally think it was out of self defense if zimmerman did get attacked. i don’t think this has anything to do with racism because he obviously lives in a GATED COMMUNITY with other black people.

  41. Mike Brown says:

    One less welfare recipient.

  42. MrObvious says:

    “we can exert pressure on the system to try and effect social change in Florida,”
    Just goes to show media can’t tell the difference between AFFECT and EFFECT, and yet can spew out “facts” based on speculation.

  43. ecko says:

    bla bla bla

  44. ecko says:

    bla bla on the bla bla

  45. ecko says:

    and bla bla chicken wings and bla

  46. mike says:

    Its crazy but when my big brother. got killed and it mos def. hit da media da only ppl dat stood up for him was famliy i guess cuz it was black on black crime nobody gave a dam see dis goig on bout Trayvon is crazy but it sure will have u really thinkin how dis world is trust if a black killed him no one would really be standin for a damn thang dont get me wrong i am glad we r but i should not have to take dis to make us come together as one

    1. angry at the situation! says:

      Mike you are right, if it were another Black man that killed him, this would not be going on, here in Baltimore there are many Black on Black crimes that you do not see this type of attention for. and Sadly if it were a White boy killed by a Black man it would not have this attention either. I am sorry your brother was killed. and I hope your family has gotten the justice and peace you need and deserve. I feel that if everyone is coming together for Travon, they should put the effort in for all killings. help put a stop to the violence, to the nonsense, and we should all work together to do that! it should not be special treatment because of one race or another.

  47. tonybaloney says:

    How about all the rash of recent robberies @ gun & knife point by black apes on young whites in Balto. Several over this past wknd alone & not a fuc’n peep from WJZ. They violated these people, took their wedding bands, rings ,omey & cell phones. They were all black the stupid coons got caught making phone calls on the cell…Where’s Jesse & Al or OBama?

    1. Wiseguy says:

      …………knuckle draggin’ pavement thugs gotta make a living somehow.

  48. tonybaloney says:

    Travyon Martins parents think they just hit the lottery. Money for nothing, they didn’t even come identify their spook son for three days as he lay in the morgue. What phonies.

  49. MyAfroItches says:

    @tonybaloney ….what a great statement???Hmmmm no comment from WJZ or any pavement apes,jesse & al or obama is there a reason you all are so quiet????Ummmm hello nigg$rs?????yea thats what I though ! ! !

  50. ESSEXMAN says:

    The sad part is a young man has died and some people use this as an excuse to gain attention. I don’t understand why this story has gone viral when young people (of all races) gets murdered everyday. When people make comments that “crackers” are afraid of blacks my blood boils. The only time blacks prey on whites is when they have the advantage (large groups) and these people are the cowards. There is more crime with blacks on whites than whites on blacks. So you race baiters get a life and see Jackson/Sharpton for what they are.

  51. 1-0-3-0- WITHERSPOON says:


  52. MARCUS WELBY says:




  54. MyAfroItches says:

    Pavement apes,jesse,al shaprton and obama you all want to talk about people being racist huh??whats this??

  55. SAD says:

    Why is the feds getting involved in this case? Where were they when the white man was killed at the Inner Harbor last year? Where are they when thousands of people are murdered each year? At this moment the parents of Trayvon are in D.C. before the cameras. This is a state matter and not a federal case. This is nothing more than the media, politicians, Jackson, Sharpton and others race baiting. Zimmerman will come to trial its just a matter of time. If found guilty he should receive a very long prison term, but don’t try it in the media.


    Black people are the most racist people I know. Blacks have the NAACP, a racist organization. Blacks have their own month, February. Obama never spoke when a white, hispanic, asian, or indian child was killed. Maybe if Blacks didn’t have their own organizations and TV stations, and radio station, the world would be better off. You are not African-American, you weren’t born in Africa, most of you have never been there, you are an American. Stop all the freaking racism and try to be part of the solution. Fight against violence in every city, START SNITCHIN and start saving lives of our young, our future. This whole hoodie thing is stupid, its solves nothing. Community policing, citizen policing, snithcing, cleaning up the communities both criminally and environmentally will do a lot more than marching with a hoodie on. This incident should not involve the President or FBI, it is a local jusrisdictional event, not a national emergency. It doesn’t mater your color or ethnicity, we are all Americans and we need to start taking care of our cities, states, and country.

  57. BiteMe says:

    In my recent pictures on the web and social media I always smile with my gold dental grill and make obscene gestures to the camera.
    My past school records show that I have been suspended three times.
    I go to the local store and buy a pack of Skittles and iced tea every time I smoke weed
    And on my way home after getting my munchies I beat up some old fat Mexican
    And I look like Obama’s son
    WHO AM I

  58. 1-0-3-0 WITHERSPOON says:

    this kid is so dead his eyelids see dirt ,,,

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  60. Jason says:

    I wonder how many bantus will get shot or stabbed by other bantus during or shortly after their own rally.

    I wonder how many will have their wallets stolen and I wouldn’t be surprised is a girl or two got raped at the event. It’s going to be a long hot summer folks.

  61. KJ says:


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