ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is expressing support for expanding gambling in Maryland.

The mayor expressed her support in a letter Friday to House Speaker Michael Busch and House Ways and Means Committee Chair Sheila Hixson to allow table games and a casino in Prince George’s County.

The mayor writes that allowing games like blackjack will enable a future Baltimore casino to overcome competitive disadvantages with casinos in neighboring states.

Rawlings-Blake says she had some concerns about allowing a sixth casino in the state in Prince George’s County. However, she says her concern has been allayed by a provision in a bill passed by the Senate would impose a 10 percent tax on table games that will go to local governments.

A hearing on the bill is scheduled for Tuesday.

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  1. The Grump says:

    Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and O’Malley can kiss my (expletive deleted). NO NEW TAXES IN MARYLAND. (The “free” state, LOL). Maryland is already getting a cut of the Hollywood Casino action, in return for operating in this state. I bet this 10% is not paid by the casinos, but by the player. And Governor O’Needy still wants a new Gas Tax. Time to introduce both O’Malley and Good Ol’ Stepanie to the private sector, right around election time.

  2. dave says:

    Blake the Nig would approve of anything that can be taxed & get her filthy city more $$. Thios is what is known as Black rule.

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