BALTIMORE (WJZ)—The new leader of Baltimore’s half a million Catholics is starting to settle into his new home.

Mary Bubala reports.

Archbishop William Lori says his mission is to get to know the people, priests and parishioners of the many churches he will oversee.

The next Archbishop of Baltimore, William Lori, 62, is in town setting up shop as the new spiritual leader of Catholics here after serving 12 years as bishop in Bridgeport, Conn.

“When I told my mom that I was appointed Archbishop of Baltimore she recalled instantly that wonderful day we had spent together in Baltimore,” Lori said.

Archbishop Lori has strong ties to Maryland. His first assignment was as associate pastor in Largo.

He was bishop in Washington, D.C. before heading to Connecticut. There Lori restructured Catholic schools, and became a voice for religious liberty and traditional marriage– a charge he will continue to lead here in Maryland as our state’s same-sex marriage law heads to a referendum this fall.

Lori plans to “teach, teach, teach some more about what marriage is, and we will do so in love. This isn’t about trying to advance some ideology; it’s trying to communicate the truth,” he said.

Lori comes down stronger on President Barack Obama’s health care mandate. He testified on Capitol Hill against a rule requiring Catholic organizations to cover contraceptives.

“Government has no business defining churches and no business saying we have to abandon our teaching,” Lori said.

Bishop Lori officially becomes the 16th Archbishop of the nation’s oldest Archdiocese next month.

“I am just so happy to come here, very honored to serve,” he said.

His installation is on May 16 at the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen.

Comments (6)
  1. Matt Wagner says:

    Stop persecuting people please.

    1. James Butler says:

      They can’t help it, it’s their specialty. Interesting he’s planning to teach “what marriage is” and he’s never been married and can’t marry!

      1. saywhat says:

        Exactly! What does he know about marriage? ” teach, teach, teach some more” Wow, I hope he has some students.

  2. Steve Wilson says:

    Will someone tell me how come Catholic leaders get so much press in this area? You never hear about the leader of the Lutherans or Methodists or Baptists, or any other religion. Is it because Catholics require LOTS of leadership? Also, please explain explain why Catholic leaders have such easy access to local and national leaders. This whole situation becomes more troublesome when you consider that all Catholic leaders are agents a foreign country, and a country that collaborated with the Nazis during and after WWII.

    1. Matt Wagner says:

      History. The Calvert’s were Catholic.

  3. Marylander3 says:

    How is the teaching of a specific theology hurting or persecuting people?
    When was Catholicism established as the State Religion which requires everyone to be a member and follow that specific dogma and theology?
    Faith or lack of faith is still a personal choice at my last reading of our “living” Constitution. It seems that the theology of secularism has become the de facto state religion in the USA and anyone who does not accept and support this Secularist Religion is then persecuted by the state and by the minions via politically correct speech and similar thought control and censorship.
    As far as being experienced, why is being married required to teach on morality of marriage? How many male gynecologists are there? Have they actually given birth? But they assist women in their pregnancy and in the birthing process.
    But in today’s society the only bigotry which is allowed and supported is the bigotry against persons of faith, specifically Christians and Catholics.
    Don’t agree?
    Try to say any criticisms against Islam?
    I dare you.

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