BALTIMORE (WJZ)—It was a sweet day at the Inner Harbor as Domino Sugar received its biggest shipment of sugar ever.

Andrea Fujii was there.

Nearly 96 million pounds of sugar has arrived in Baltimore.

“This is the largest vessel east of the Mississippi for raw sugar of any refinery,” said Kelly DeAngelo, Domino Sugar.

It took the 600 foot long vessel two and a half weeks to travel from Guatemala.

“Our main problem was whether she would fit in the water, how much water we had here,” said Thomas Dow, ship representative.

And it’ll take 16 days for all the sugar to be unloaded.

They produce six and a half million pounds of sugar a day shipped throughout the world. This is 99 percent pure sugar. The refining process takes out its one percent of impurities.

The iconic company will celebrate its 90th birthday next month.

Plant representatives say this record-breaking shipment shows that Domino Sugar will be around for another 90 years.

“Getting something like this in is a sure sign that the industry is strong and that manufacturing specifically in Baltimore is going to continue to grow,” DeAngelo said.

Domino Sugar employs about 500 people.

  1. Employee#8 says:

    Congrats to Domino Sugars. I great Baltimore landmark, connection to the past, and modern-day manufacturer. CBS should do their homework (or editting); there is an “s” at the end of “sugar.”

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