By Pat Warren

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — It’s down to the wire for Maryland’s legislative session and just in time, lawmakers are trying to come to a compromise on the state’s embattled budget.

Political reporter Pat Warren has the last-minute changes from Sine Die.

In less than an hour, Sine Die could cost tens of thousands of Marylanders millions more to live in the state.

Marylanders will spend $36 billion to keep the state in operation in the coming year.

“None of this was easy. The budget, as it concludes, will not be the budget I’d submitted…but it won’t be exactly the Senate budget or the House budget, either,” said Governor Martin O’Malley.

And more of that money may be yours. Taxpayers earning less than $100,000 will see no change, but individuals making more than $100,000 and couples earning $150,000 or more will see their taxes go up and their exemptions go down.

“It will be the product of a compromise, one that protects our priorities of education, job creation and allows us to move forward as a free people facing tough times and with the willingness to make the tough decisions called for,” O’Malley said.

Lawmakers are also proposing another $60 million in cuts.

The other big news for Marylanders is what will not happen. There will be no increase in the gas tax or in the state’s sales tax.

The General Assembly also raised tobacco taxes and doubled the flush tax.

Comments (4)
  1. Tom says:

    What is it with the Dems??? They just can’t come up with a budget, the presdient scribbles some numbers on a sheet of toilet paper and calls that a budget. And on a state level the Lying LepreCON can’t put anything through??? We need to get rid of all of these idiots!!!

  2. Ray Ray says:

    I guess we are going to have another big round of tax increases the people in Annapolis do not care. Instead of cutting back like most families do they are full steam ahead in trying to spend every dime they have or don’t have. People in Maryland need to wake up and start voting with their heads instead of just voting Democratic.

  3. Benton Heights says:

    We’re in big trouble if Marty Blagojevich mediates. I mean Marty O’Malley. He’s as trustworthy as Sheila Dixon and Tommy Bromwell rolled into one. Look out Marylanders, Annapolis is one step from socking it to our wallets big time.

  4. urnotfunny says:

    cram it up our butts some more O’Malley, maybe when we move, you’ll be satisfied. I have to pay for all your welfare cases as it it, pay for my own retirement, but that’s okay keep raising taxes.

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