It may still come as a news flash to some of you but sports is just like any other business in that it’s subject to corruption. Stealing trade secrets (spy gate), putting a monetary value of special tasks (bounty gate), tapping the competition’s conversation (Saints most recent accusation), dumping salary & skirting the cap like the Redskins & Cowboys did. It’s big business and with it comes business people trying to explore angles, deception and comes with cover ups. The worst thing that can happen is showing the “regular people” the man behind the curtain. Well, here he is and it shouldn’t shock you.

It doesn’t shock me. Every different story I’ve glanced over above has happened in politics, business and, now we know, in sports. It’s the truth, a sad truth but the truth. Now isn’t the time to cry in outrage, it’s time to adapt. Adapt your understanding for your passion. I always say sports are our soap opera, our reality show. The reality is nearly nothing is immune from the illness of individuals, time to toughen up and move forward.

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