BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Remembering Yeardley Love. Thursday marks two years since she was killed in her off-campus apartment at the University of Virginia by her former boyfriend George Huguely.

Mary Bubala has more on how the local lacrosse community came together to raise money for the One Love Foundation.

The Calvert School lacrosse team took on Love’s high school alma mater – Notre Dame Prep – but the competition was built around sportsmanship, something Love’s former coach says she stood for.

“She was a fabulous athlete and a fabulous student, but she was a sportsman and she was always on her team’s side. No matter from the bench or the field she was always a team player, always positive,” said Erin Merrick.

Merrick now works at the Calvert School, so she brought the two together for a special fundraiser for the One Love Foundation.

Students sold clothing and other items in memory of the Cockeysville native.

The foundation promotes sportsmanship and service.

“She speaks to the heart of what lacrosse is all about, so we want to honor her and her family,” said Mary Alice Lears, Calvert School athletic director.

“She was such a positive person and always doing the best and seeing the best in people, so we just wanted to spread that around, and try to instill that in young adults in the local and national area,” said Catherine Barthelme, Love’s friend.

The fundraiser brought in several hundred dollars for the One Love Foundation.