By Ron Matz

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—One of Baltimore’s most famous sandwiches is about to do some traveling. Just about everyone has tasted one of Faidley’s famous crab cakes.

Ron Matz reports it will challenge some other dishes for the title of best sandwich in America.

You’ll always find a crowd at Faidley’s in the World Famous Lexington Market. Tempting crab cakes bring folks from all over the country for a taste.

“The crab cake is amazing. We have relatives in Virginia and the Baltimore area. They kept saying you have to go to Faidley’s and here we are. We get crab cakes in Tampa but they’re not this good,” said Mary Reinhold, of Tampa, Fla.

Now Adam Richman from the Travel Channel will feature Faidley’s famous crab cakes in a competition for the best sandwich in America.

“It puts us out there. I’ve been on the Food Network at least four times. This is a little different. It brings people. My biggest business is tourists from all over the country that want to come and get a good crab cake. This is a real big boost to the city, to us and to Lexington Market. We’re looking forward to it,” said Nancy Faidley Devine, Faidley’s Seafood.

Faidley’s started here in 1886. Its crab cakes have won numerous awards. Folks come for the food and more.

Faidley’s famous crab cakes will be competing with 29 other sandwiches around the country.

“Oh, they’re going to do very well because their sandwich doesn’t have a lot of filler. You get the lump crabmeat. They’re going to be tops,” said Alease Rodger Owens, of Abingdon.

A taste of Baltimore is ready to take on the country.

“We’ve been interviewed by Adam Richman of the Travel Channel. He was here for the day and he ate a lot of crab cake sandwiches and loved them. He said every time someone asked him about where the best crab cake was they mentioned Faidley’s. He said they liked to do a show here,” Devine said. “[There were] a lot of cameras and a lot of action. Adam is the nicest guy. He was wonderful to work with. They were very professional and seemed to enjoy their time here.”

The Faidley’s episode was taped in March. It’s tentatively scheduled to air on June 27.


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