BALTIMORE (WJZ)– A major traffic disruption if you’re heading into downtown Baltimore. The southbound Jones Falls Expressway (JFX) is closed until 4 a.m., and the overnight shutdown is going to last for a week.

Adam May has more.

Construction crews close the main artery into downtown Baltimore– southbound JFX at 29th Street for emergency repairs.

“As the month wears on, we’re going to continue to do nightly closures in one direction or another to get this work all accomplished,” Frank Murphy, deputy director of the Baltimore City Department of Transportation, said.

The multi-million dollar emergency work project started after a routine inspection showed clogged and cracked pipes underground.

One part of the JFX touches the ground but was built on fill, and crews need to drill into the road and inject material inside to stabilize it before repairing the broken pipes.

“It’s going to cause a real big headache, especially on taxpayer dollars,” one driver said.

Some drivers are already tired on the project after weeks of traffic jams.

“It’s a pain in the neck. It was bad– a nightmare for two months,” said another driver.

It will be at least two months and at least $2 million in taxpayer expenses.

The last time the JFX was completely closed for repairs was 1987.


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