By Mary Bubala

EDGEWATER, Md. (WJZ)—A local veteran is headed to France where he will be honored for his bravery and being part of one of the most famous units to serve in World War II.

Mary Bubala reports on a Maryland soldier with stories to tell nearly 70 years later.

It’s an honor to listen to World War II veteran Jack Womer sitting on his porch at his home in Edgewater.

“Our job was to blow up all the bridges,” Womer said.

Womer was part of the Filthy 13—the 506th regiment that inspired the movie “The Dirty Dozen.”

The Filthy 13 got its name for their ban on bathing, but the group became one of the fiercest units fighting to liberate France from the Germans.

And Jack Womer became a war hero.

“That’s what you got to do when you are dealing with the enemy,” he said.

Womer’s heroic story has just been published in a book he co-authored, and in days Womer will be in France for book signings.

As he is honored by the French government for his service to their country during World War II, Womer says he goes with mixed emotions.

“There are a hell of a lot of sad stories there. We lost a lot of men over there,” Womer said.

“I think there are people that have realized ‘Oh my gosh, the people that made this happen are dying off like that,’ and it’s become more and more important to them,” said Ellen Womer.

Womer, who is days away from his 95th birthday, leaves for France on Thursday. He and his daughter will spend two weeks in the country visiting war sights and meeting people who want to thank him.

Mary Bubala


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