BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Sailabration is still in full swing at the Inner Harbor as thousands of people showed up to check out the big ships.

Monique Griego has more on Friday’s patriotic festivities.

The excitement at the Inner Harbor has yet to die down. That’s what many people say makes this event so great. You may come to see the ships, but once you get here, you realize there’s a lot more to enjoy.

The ships may be the star attraction but the sailors proved they can rock a crowd just as good as they rock a boat.

“I just came for the ships. I didn’t expect the whole crowd, the whole atmosphere,” said Bryan Holland.

As Sailabration docked into day three, the crowds were as big as ever. And once again, thousands of people lined up for a chance to check out the ships.

“I think to have an event like this to choose Baltimore of all the places up and down East Coast, it’s a good idea,” Lindsay Bull said.

But beyond the boats, visitors seemed pleasantly surprised with everything the event had to offer.

“They got the bands, the music, lots of concessions,” Bull said.

“To have a free event like this where you can bring the family out. We enjoy it,” Nathan Kilgore said.

That’s because the last few high-profile celebrations at the Inner Harbor were marked by violence. Many people WJZ spoke with say they hope the success of Sailabration shows people what Baltimore has to offer.

“We’re big Baltimore fans. Nothing will keep us out. A little bad press doesn’t stop us. We’re Baltimoreans, you know,” Katie Kilgore said.

So whether you took an imaginary trip on an international ship or jammed with the Navy band, there was no denying the electric energy at the Inner Harbor.

“The mood is all love. Everybody’s together having a good time,” Holland said.

WJZ met a few people today who live in the county but say they haven’t been to the Inner Harbor in years. They say after Sailabration, they plan on coming back more often.

Saturday’s festivities include a Blue Angels show and fireworks at Fort McHenry.

And make sure to join us Monday at 11 a.m. for a live Star-Spangled Sailabration special hosted by CBS‘ Bob Schieffer along with WJZ‘s Jessica Kartalija and Mary Bubala.


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