We all know the sarcastic acronym NFL stands for “no fun league”. While that’s been a standing joke, it did come from somewhere and I think that somewhere is now, but worse. The NFL is the most powerful sport we’ve got, people are taking notice but I’m not sure the league has. We, you are taking notice that there isn’t much concern for the players.

Whether its concussions, suspension or fines. The league has absolute full and total control, some say as they should. Fine. You want to argue the “owner” route? I’m game. The argument people make is simple… The owners can do whatever they want. They own it and if players don’t like it go get another job. I understand that argument but counter it by saying: just because the owners have all the power doesn’t mean they have to use it improperly.

That said, they are number one, so something is working. Working for now that is. But it is a fine line with the growing educated fan base who are wise to the games the NFL plays, and I don’t mean Sunday (and Monday and Thursday and Saturday).

The NFL’s rulings on “bounty gate” shows that the league has all the say. Even if the appeals process seems a bit unseemly, there should be some balance and fairness and right now it doesn’t seem like the players are getting much of either. Just ask Jonathan Vilma & Scott Fujita.

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