Last Night on The Glenn Younes Show Glenn Younes talked about why he believes Cycling is a dirty sport, and who he considers to be the best athletes of all time.

When Younes was in high school his classmate was considered to be the best junior cyclist in the country and says his classmate was given certain drugs to enhance his performance.

“I remember back then they would legally redline him. They would test his body composition and they would create formulas, drops, pills, powders, whatever it was so that he could max out his potential, legally,” he said.

However, Younes said once they tried to press him to take illegal substances his friend decided to stop racing.

Younes went as far to say that everyone in the sport of cycling is dirty, including Lance Armstrong.

“I would recommend you include cycling as a dirty sport but also factor that everyone cycling is dirty and the winner of the Tour De France or the Olympics or whatever you want was better being dirty than everyone else he was competing against. So if you want to add Lance Lance Armstrong in, and are asking me to do it, I would tell you sure,” he said.

Younes also talked about whom he considers to be the best athletes of all time, and considers there to be an almost three way tie.

“It’s got to be some sort of Ménage à trios between Tiger [Woods], [Roger] Federer, and [Michael] Jordan,” he said.

Sarah Davis


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