Ben Reiter of Sports Illustrated online, talked to Ed Norris and Steve Davis on the Norris and Davis Show about the upcoming trade deadline in the MLB, and the future of the Baltimore Orioles.

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Reiter believes that the Orioles’s recent losses show that they are settling into where they should be.

“They let 55 more runs than they’ve scored, which suggests that that their record is a bit lucky. Toronto [Blue Jays] down there are 45-45, and they scored 23 more runs than they’ve allowed,” he said.

With the upcoming trade deadline Reiter said anything the Orioles could acquire in a trade will not be enough to help this team get better.

“I think they could try to add a pitcher or two but I’m just not that sure that one or two guys will be enough. I think they would be better served to hang on to whatever pieces they might trade away at the deadline and continue to develop the pitchers they have in the system,” he said.

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However, Reiter said that if these pitchers don’t come through the Orioles need to start looking at themselves as the problem.

“If four highly regarded pitchers don’t come through all at once, I think the Orioles are going to have to start looking at it as perhaps a systemic issue. Not what’s wrong with these pitchers, but what’s wrong with them that they are not properly devolving these guys into what they should be,” he said.

Reiter said despite the Orioles current issues there is still a good overall outlook for the team.

“The pieces are there to build around. It’s really a matter, as it’s been for a long time, of seeing if those pitchers are going to come through,” he said.

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-Sarah Davis